Solar system for warehouse in UAE

Solar system for warehouse in UAE

Solar systems for warehouses in UAE can be a highly effective measure for boosting the energy efficiency of a small and large warehouse, which can result in huge savings for business owners due to the higher operating costs involved. And with sustainability, an ever-more pressing item on the agenda for business owners, solar panels for warehouses can be an excellent way to make a sizeable impact on your carbon footprint and huge savings on DEWA bills.

Warehouses are often thousands of square kilometers, with high energy usage. Over the past few years, more and more businesses have seen the potential to harness free renewable energy simply by adding solar panels to their roofs. Factories and warehouses are bringing their energy costs down by producing their free electricity on site. Businesses in all industries can generate positive ROI and reduce their energy bills thanks to commercial solar installation.

Solar system for warehouses should not be thought of as an expense. Instead, think of it as an investment. While the installation entails an up-front investment, your commercial solar immediately starts earning its keep. When we evaluate the appropriateness of your property for warehouse solar installation, there are a couple of factors we look at:

  1. 1.Roof area
  2. 2.Sunlight orientation
  3. 3.Weather data
  4. 4.Power requirements

Luckily in UAE, warehouses score perfectly across all areas in UAE, making them ideal for solar system installation.

How Solar system for warehouses will save on electricity bills

The debate has long been whether solar power is a more cost-effective energy to power a facility as large as a warehouse or distribution center. The answer is that solar can cut energy costs significantly. According to the DEWA, the cost to produce 1 megawatt-hour of electricity from coal was $102 in 2018. Producing the same amount of electricity using solar power cuts the cost in half to only $50. When looked at on an industrial scale, solar power can cut the energy costs of a warehouse by more than half.

The warehouse might be used to store goods, not all goods can be left out in the open. A certain stock might require specific temperatures, necessitating continuing air conditioning use. Some warehouses are even refrigerated cold storage businesses that use even more power.

Even non-refrigerated warehouses can’t escape energy usage, with lighting making up 34% of all energy usage. With warehouse solar installation, that’s the energy you won’t have to pay out for. And in a time of rising energy prices, that’s a saving you can’t afford to ignore.

Advantages of Solar system for warehouse in UAE

  1. 1. Reduction of Electricity bill

Electricity costs are always rising. Usually, the electricity bill for a warehouse represents around 15% of the total cost. The tariff rates for rooftop solar in comparison to industrial and commercial tariff rates are cheaper by 17% and 27% respectively.

As a business that uses lots of electricity to power equipment and interior and exterior lights, the best way to control your costs is to find alternative energy sources, like solar energy.

  1. 2.Protect against power cost increases

On average the cost of electricity in the UAE has increased by up to 16% in the past 10 years. Solar energy offers a fixed-cost solution, with a lifespan of 25-30 years. It makes your energy bills more predictable at lower costs. Maintenance and monitoring of your solar systems are cheap.

  1. 3. Increase in your property value

Installing solar panels on your roofs can increase your property’s value. Also help to sell faster if you intend to sell your commercial, industrial, or multi-unit residential property in the future. This is because of the increasing value of energy efficiency. When a building has solar panels, some or all the energy needed by the building is produced by the panels. This means that the short and long-term operating expenses of your building are lower than comparable buildings that do not have solar panels installed on the roof.

  1. 4. Reduce your carbon emission

Saving the planet and reducing carbon footprints and fossil fuel consumption continues to grow with every generation. Unlike fossil fuels, solar panels generate electricity with no air or carbon pollution. Moreover, no ash or other waste products, and no inputs other than sunlight. More and more companies are now looking for a supplier with low emission carbon. And more and more final customers pay attention to this argument and the social responsibilities of their supplier.

  1. 5. Consume free power and sell the excess

To install a solar system of warehouse on the rooftop, there are two cooperation models: Capital Expenditure and Power Purchase Agreement. For Capital Expenditure, consumer purchases the solar system, and Solar Energy produced can be used for daily factory/warehouse consumption. Then, consumers can sell excess energy to the local government.

 Choose PowernSun products for Solar system of a Warehouse in UAE

Between reduced power bills, rebates and incentives, and feed-in tariffs, your warehousing business stands to make a tidy return on your solar installation.

Want to see how much your business stands to gain from going solar? Use this handy calculator (click here) to determine your savings.

Like what you see? Time for the next step: choosing with right components for the solar system of a warehouse. PowernSun offers to you the best services and components for all your solar power installation needs in UAE. Our aim is not only to make you satisfied but to do our part in saving the planet by saving precious resources and energy and utilizing as much of the sun’s energy as possible.

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