Hybrid solar system

Hybrid solar system

Hybrid Solar System – What You Need To Know

The ongoing crisis has impacted almost all the businesses. However, if you are a smart business owner, your chances of turning towards a future where you can nourish your growth without becoming liable is hopefully bright by making the decision of going solar.

When you think of investing in solar systems, most people incline towards the choices of either a grid-connected or an off-grid system. Do you know that there is a third option too? Yes, it’s a hybrid solar system that combines the best of both conveniences of a grid connected system with the value of peace of mind of a battery backup. Hence even during a power blackout, still you have electricity. “Combining energy storage with an on grid connection to your property, hybrid systems offer the flexibility of storing the energy that you generate during the day rather than feeding it back into the grid.

What is a hybrid solar system? – A quick look

Hybrid Solar system is the combination of the best things of both On Grid and Off Grid systems. When a grid is available, the hybrid solar inverter stores the solar power in the batteries. When there is excess energy, it will be supplied back to the grid. You can reduce the power bill by making use of this excess solar energy.

A hybrid solar system consists of solar panels, a solar inverter and also a battery system which interfaces with the utility grid. Solar panels are increasingly getting their popularity in both residential households and for commercial purposes as it can lower the energy bills and is a perfect step towards energy independence.

Advantages of hybrid solar systems

  • Since you don’t need a backup generator, and the capacity of the battery bank is downsized, hybrid solar systems are less expensive. 
  • Going solar is not only a good environmental decision but also businesses, it is a strategic business decision. Going solar with a hybrid solar system makes businesses generate their own electricity and become power-independent.
  • Hybrid systems work by using solar PV power during the day time with the excess power used to charge the batteries for later use. The major design behind hybrid systems is the power usage that you can use at any point of time. Thus reduces power consumption from the grid, and so more natural energy is used.
  • A perfectly installed hybrid solar system from a reliable dealer like Powernsun can safely disconnect the house from the grid in the case of a power outage, and thus turns the house into a little mini grid.
  • Investing a hybrid solar system allows making the most of the generated solar power. Generating the power during the day time and storing the excess in the solar inverter and making use of it when the sun is out, benefits typical working families who use most of the energy in times of low light.

Yet, the rule of thumb varies based on your specific situation, so pay attention towards the detailed design process and other information about the hybrid system.  If you are looking at solar hybrid system, let us help you in maximizing the PV production and reduce battery use with efficient solutions, contact us at +971 4 3686393 or info@powernsun.com

Few of PowernSun solar hybrid system given below

Solar Hybrid System 850

Sungrow SH3K6 Residential Hybrid Single Phase Inverter

Sungrow SH4K6 Residential Hybrid Single Phase Inverter

Goodwe GW10K-ET Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

DEIF Hybrid Controller

DEIF AGC – 150 Genset Controller

DEIF ASC – 4 Battery Controller

DEIF ASC – 4 Solar Controller with HMI connection

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