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Solar panel in Pakistan

Grab your chance to take control of energy generation! Buy the best solar panels in Pakistan. Powernsun is here to meet all your unique solar power generation needs. With significant expertise in the solar segment, we can guide you in finding the perfect panels for your solar projects. Our portfolio covers all the major solar panel brands, so you can be with peace of mind that you are sure to get the solar panels that perfectly fit your system.

Get started with solar – World’s popular brands at your reach

Powernsun aims to deliver solar panels through its comprehensive offering of the highest quality products at the most affordable solar panel prices. Our platform lists all leading and renowned brands for solar panels. We strongly believe that solar energy is the biggest thing in the energy future. Hence, we make sure we are on the right track of distributing solar panels that make a huge difference in energy generation. Powernsun serves as a one-stop solution for an innovative range of panels from:

  • JA Solar
  • Longi
  • Trina
  • Tongwei

At Powernsun, we are committed to making Pakistan reach its energy vision. With the help of reputable partners in solar panel manufacturing, we succeed in our goal. We pay attention to detail in every step of this effort and this makes us the best solar panel distributor.

About JA Solar

JA Solar is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance solar products that are best suitable for residential, commercial, and utility-scale power generation. Amidst the emerging growth of the entire world transforming towards green and low-carbon initiatives, JA Solar is strong in its stand as the leader in the solar industry.

JA Solar has its dominant role in the manufacturing, R& D, sales & service of top-quality solar PV products to world markets.  JA Solar has immense recognition among domestic and international customers. Also, it has the acknowledgement of being listed officially on the A-share market.

Our Proud offerings from JA Solar

Crown to us as the best solar panel seller

  • JA Solar 575W Bifacial Solar Panel (JAM72D40-575)
  • JA Solar 540W Solar Panel (JAM72S30-540)
  • JA Solar 555W Solar Panel (JAM72S30-555)
  • JA Solar 545W Solar Panel (JAM72S30-545)
  • JA Solar 550W Solar Panel (JAM72S30-550)
  • JA Solar 440W Solar Panel (JAM72S20-440)
  • JA Solar 460W Solar Panel (JAM72S20-460)
  • JA Solar 465W Solar Panel (JAM72S20-465)
  • JA Solar 540W Bifacial Solar Panel (JAM72D30-540)
  • JA Solar 565W Bifacial Solar Panel (JAM72D40-565)
  • JA Solar 570W Bifacial Solar Panel (JAM72D40-570)

 Harness the world’s sunlight with the best solar panels

The high-efficiency solar modules from JA Solar are the perfect choice for any solar-demanding environment. The maximum energy yield, durability and high resistance to harsh environments make them the most efficient solar panels in Pakistan.

Key Features of the JA Solar panels

Deep Blue 4.0 Series

Bifacial Double Glass High-efficiency Mono modules

Efficiency and Energy Output

Impressive energy efficiency is the notable feature of JA Solar’s deep blue 4.0 series. These solar panels are designed to harvest the maximum amount of solar power and convert it into electricity. This assures high-energy yield even under partially shaded and limited space areas.

DeepBlue 4.0 Pro integrates innovative technologies such as SMBB, high-density encapsulation, and more that ultimately improve the quality and efficiency of the modules. This empowers the panels of the 72-cell module to reach 630W and achieve module efficiency that goes beyond 22.5%.

Better low-light performance

This series of solar panels in Pakistan comes with improved lower internal resistance properties and higher minority carrier lifetime of n-type cells. This enables the panels to have better performances under low radiation.

Lower degradation

The degradation factor is improved in this series of panels. The first-year degradation rate is <1%, while the annual degradation rate for more than 30 years is <0.4%. Even after 30 years, the power of Deep Blue 4.0 X modules is a minimum of 87.4%.

Higher bifacial benefits

DeepBlue 4.0 X series solar panels are the official n-type products from JA Solar. These BYCIUM+ n-type high-efficiency bifacial cells allow increased energy production from both sides of the panels.

Excellent reliability

DeepBlue 4.0 series boasts excellent power generation capacity and reliable performance. These modules have passed the requirements of standard ageing and intensified ageing tests that fulfil IEC standard demands.

Looking for reliability-assured panels at an affordable solar panel cost? Get it from Powernsun!

Dual glass construction

The dual-glass construction of the JA panels delivers exceptional durability. The front glass helps in accomplishing protection from external factors such as wind, and debris. The rear glass saves from moisture ingress and improves the life of the panels.

Deep Blue 3.0 Pro Half-cell modules

Highlights of the cells


This upgraded Deep Blue 3.0 module has the outstanding advantage of higher conversion efficiency. As this series adopts gapless encapsulation technology, the conversion efficiency is as high as 21.7%

High reliability

JA deep blue 3.0 modules are integrated with cutting-edge technologies that ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. Reap the best of high reliability and cost-effectiveness; Powernsun as the best solar panel distributor brings you the finest panels from JA Solar.


About Longi

LONGi is known to be the well-known brand for solar technology company in the world. The company is a well-known brand for manufacturing, designing and marketing solar monocrystalline silicon. Longi has been in the industry for more than 2 decades and its headquarters is situated in the U.S. The manufacturer is extensively recognized for its varied offerings of large-scale power plants across various industries, and commercial, residential, and utility-scale solar power plants.

The company has its core focus on accomplishing long-term reliability for solar modules, increasing efficiency ratings, and creating a strong sense of value for the investment of customers. Key technology solar modules from Longi enable Powernsun to continue its reputation as the leading solar panel seller.

Longi products from our catalogue

  • Longi Mono 550W Solar Panel (LR5-72HPH-550M)
  • Longi Bifacial Perc 540W Solar Module (LR5-72HBD)
  • Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panel (LR5-72HTH-565M)
  • Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panel (LR5-72HTH-570M)
  • Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panel (LR5-72HTH-575M)
  • Longi Hi-MO 6 Solar Panel (LR5-72HTH-580M)
  • Longi Mono 540W Solar Panel (LR5-72HPH-540M)
  • Longi Mono 545W Solar Panel (LR5-72HPH-545M)
  • Longi Mono 555W Solar Panel (LR5-72HPH-555M)

New modules with high efficiency to the solar market

Hi-MO 6 Series – Explore the best solar panels in Pakistan

The latest generation of photovoltaic modules from Longi has been developed with stunning aesthetics and high efficiency for distributed generation and rooftop applications.

High-efficiency Cells

The HPBC cell efficiency of the cells goes beyond 25%. Hybrid Passivated Back Contact, HPBC is an innovative high-efficiency solar cell technology. This unique design is known for its front-side busbar-free design.  This helps in improving light absorption and photoelectric conversion features, ultimately increasing the output power.

Aesthetic Appearance

The complexity in the previous versions is tackled. Your favourite solar panel dealer brings you modules that redefine the aesthetic concept of photovoltaic modules.

Hi-MO 6 Explorer series comes in two aesthetic appearances. One appearance is the Obsidian black. In this, the entire module is as black as obsidian, and the full mirror screen will be naturally formed. The other appearance is a geometric design that looks simple and modern.

Market-leading Reliability

These high-quality modules from the best solar panel distributor guarantee you long-term reliability. This covers a period of a 15-year Warranty for Materials and Processing and a 25-year Warranty for Extra Linear Power Output. Longi always strives to achieve the highest safety and reliability for all its products. This is once again proved with Hi-Mo 6 modules.

Hi-MO 6 deploys back contact soldering technology. In contrast to the conventional Z-shaped structure, this innovative one-line soldering structure improves the resistance to cracking characteristics of the modules. This revolutionary design and considerable warranty tag on the product make Longi solar panels the most reliable modules in the market.

Outstanding Performance

Since the modules are equipped with HPBC cell technology, producing a significant volume of energy is not a hassle. Even under high-temperature and low-irradiation conditions, you can expect outstanding performance from the modules.

In addition, the modules have superior power degradation performance. The enhanced power generation capabilities of up to 10% more compared with PERC products stand as evidence for the brilliant power generation performance.

An added advantage for you! You can buy these modules at the incredibly best solar panel prices at Powernsun.

Improved safety

Are you seeking panels for the applications that demand increased security and intelligence requirements? We got you covered with longi solar panels in Pakistan. These modules have Smart Optimizer pre-installed into them. If the solar system faces any failure or shading effects, the back-end system will be more likely to be remotely monitored and optimized in real-time. This is achieved via the obtained feedback from the digital brain of the Smart Optimizer.

So, solar system installers can be assured that the safety of the plant is assured and the system output power is also maximized.

Hi-MO 5 modules

Here is the best choice for rooftop solar systems! The Hi-MO 5m 54-cell modules are designed particularly for residential, commercial and industrial rooftop systems. With a maximum power output of 415 W, these modules could achieve an efficiency of up to 21.25%.

Core features

Let us explore the key characteristics of the award-winning Hi-MO 5 product line. Thanks to our esteemed partner Longi, we could lead the industry as the best solar panel supplier.

Smart Soldering

The modules come with uniform soldering. This enhances the overall power and efficiency of the modules. In the end, the power load capacity of the modules gets improved.

Optimized Electrical Parameters

The modules have a working current specification of 13 A. This indicates that they are the ideal pick for mainstream string inverters.

Optimized Module Size

The entire range of Hi-MO 5 products adopts M10 (182mm) industry-standard solar cells.  The 182mm half-cut cells of Hi-Mo5 are ideal for all manufacturing processes. For ingots, wafers, cells and modules, they can be the perfect choice.

Upon considering the size and weight of modules, along with the M10 wafer and 54-cell designs, the modules become the best choice for distributed applications.

These Hi-MO 5m 54-cell modules are available at a discounted solar panel cost at Powernsun.

Excellent temperature coefficients

Hi-MO 5m panels can perform well under low-light conditions and unfavourable lighting angles. The integrated segmented ribbon technology of the modules enables them to trap better light into the cells.

Gallium-doped Technology

The Gallium-doped technology of the Longi panels helps to overcome the LID degradation. Also, this assures long-term power generation from the modules.

Interested in buying these high-reliability modules? Buy from the best solar panel supplier – Powernsun!


Established in 1997 by Gao Jifan, Trina Solar has quickly grown among the leading PV enterprises in China. The company has become a notable leader in solar technology and manufacturing across the world. Trina manufactures solar photovoltaic power plant equipment, silicon wafers, solar cells, photovoltaic modules, polycrystalline ingots, single-crystal silicon rods, and other products and markets the products all over the globe.

This smart energy total solution provider possesses the recognition as the top “Bankable” PV Module Manufacturer of the world and is provided by Bloomberg New Energy Finance for the third year, consecutively. Also, Trina has the honour of first Solar Industry Shaper, representing its contribution in progressing the solar industry’s move towards grid parity. This has been given by the World Economic Forum.

Renowned Trina Solar panels in Pakistan from Powernsun

  • Trina 575WP Vertex TSM-DE19R Solar Panel
  • Trina 550WP Vertex TSM-DE19 Solar Panel
  • Trina 545WP Vertex TSM-DE19 Solar Panel

Reliable and Smart Solar

Trina Solar produces and markets an immense range of modules and solutions that will fit every project need including residential, commercial and utility. These Ultra-high power modules of the 210mm revolution are based on the latest and emerging multi-busbar technology.

These vertex modules with significant properties such as 210mm silicon wafers, high-density interconnect technologies, and non-destructive cutting allow them to reach 580 power output and 21.5% module efficiency.

It’s truly a smart move to go solar, especially with the support of a leading solar panel dealer, Powernsun, along with these smart modules.

High customer value

The customers can get assured value for their investment as they can enjoy impressive benefits of:

  • Lower LCOE (levelized cost of energy)
  • Reduced BOS (balance of system) cost
  • Shorter payback time

The degradation is significantly low (2%) for the first year and also for annually (0.55%). The modules are designed to obtain compatibility with current mainstream system components. With higher ROI, you can go for reaping the best of solar with peace of mind.

High power

Are you intending to buy solar panel that yields you the maximum power? Here is your best choice. Trina Vertex solar panels can reach up to 21.5% module efficiency with high-density interconnect technology. The integrated Multi-busbar technology helps to get a better light trapping effect. Moreover, it achieves lower series resistance and enhanced current generation.

High reliability

  • Reliable warranty period of 12-year Product Workmanship Warranty
  • 25-year Power Warranty
  • The innovative non-destructive cutting technology ensures minimized cracking
  • Assured PID resistance via cell process and module material
  • Control

High energy yield

The unique design of the Trina Solar vertex modules allows optimized energy production in inter-row shading conditions. The modules are best known for their Lower temperature coefficient (-0.34%) and operating temperature ranges. Also, they are quite recognized for their Excellent IAM (Incident Angle Modifier) and low irradiance performance.

Buying from a reputed solar panel seller gives you the confidence that you get products with comprehensive products and system certificates.


Chase the light with the strong potential of solar modules that change the world. Tapped into the solar market in 2006, and with an expertise of nearly 2 decades Tongwei manufactures crystalline silicon, photovoltaic cells and components, as well as operates photovoltaic power generation. Tongwei has emerged as an inevitable contributor in driving the development of the global photovoltaic new energy industry.

Our Tongwei solar panels in Pakistan

  • Tongwei Solar Panel TWMPD-72HS550W
  • Tongwei Solar Panel TWMPD-72HS555W

Half-cell P-type Products

High Efficiency:

Tongwei solar panels boast a notable efficiency rating that indicates you can harvest a larger volume of sunlight for electricity. A high-efficiency rating means you maximize the solar investment.

Half-cell cutting

The innovative half-cell cutting increases the power output by 5-10 W.

Advanced P-Type Technology

The advanced module design with parallel and symmetrical connection helps effectively reduce the impacts of shading. In addition, the modules also deliver improved efficiency even under low-light scenarios.


The grid lines are densely distributed and the modules have uniform stress with the latest MBB design.

New solder ribbon

These solar panels in Pakistan adopt round-shaped solder ribbons. With multiple reflections of incident light, you can increase the power by 1-2 W.

Comprehensive Warranty

You can upgrade solar energy capabilities with these solar panels that carry a 12-year warranty for materials and a 25-year warranty for linear Power Output. Buying from a leading solar panel distributor allows you to experience solar products with innovation, reliability and efficiency.

Make the future sustainable with the best solar products

Powernsun has become a leader in the solar industry with its innovative solar products. We have garnered the satisfaction and reputation of customers throughout the world. Our service regions have spread across Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Multan, Islamabad and Sialkot.

Maximize your returns on the PV projects with the best solar panels in Pakistan, from the most trusted brands across the world!

Our locations in Pakistan : Karachi, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan etc.

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