DEYE 30Kw 3 Phase Hybrid Inverter, SUN-30K-SG01HP3-EU

19,396.31 د.إ

Deye 30kW SUN-30K-SG01HP3-EU Connection and control of external generators possible. These can also charge the battery. Unique smart load application and grid peak shaving function. Emergency power with a switching time of less than 4ms. it’s designed to be injected into the grid so we can sell the surplus photovoltaics to our electricity marketer. If the power demanded by the house is higher than that produced by the solar panels, the energy will first be taken from the battery and if it is not enough, another part of the electricity network will be taken. It supports three-phase unbalanced output, expanding the application scenarios.

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Additional information

Weight 80 kg
Dimensions 29.4 × 52.7 × 89.4 cm

30 kW






5 years