Sineng and Powernsun Launch On-grid Solar String Inverters in Pakistan

Sineng and Powernsun Launch On-grid Solar String Inverters in Pakistan

Recently, Sineng launched new generation series of three-phase string inverters in Pakistan. The product design is focused to provide an advanced technological solution to the country’s fast-growing commercial and industrial energy demand. The rated capacities of the string inverters are Sineng 50kW, Sineng 120kW, Sineng 250kW, and Sineng 275kW.

At a time of Pakistan’s recurring grid failure crisis and load shedding problem, these Sineng three-phase string inverters in Pakistan with cutting-edge technology can provide the best alternative to the county’s growing commercial and industrial energy demands. The special features of these high-power 12 MPPTs inverters in Pakistan receiving particular attention from customers are their compact design, high efficiency, and high current input-output.

Product Series

Prioritizing the high energy demand of residential, commercial, and industrial units the company has introduced a wide range of High power next-generation three-phase string inverters in Pakistan.

  • In the residential three-phase string inverter category, Sineng has introduced SN 3.0 – 12 PT Sineng Three Phase Inverter in Pakistan which is perfectly capable of managing your household load demand.
  • In the commercial and industrial three-phase string inverter category, Sineng provides a range of options, including SN 12(X) – 25 PT Three Phase Inverter, SN 25(X) – 40 PT Three Phase Inverter, SN 50 – 60 PT Three-Phase Inverter, SP 120K-BLThree Phase Inverter.

Features of SP 120K-BLThree Phase Inverter

Keeping the complex demands of industries into consideration Sineng has introduced a 10 MPPT Three-Phase String Inverter (Model name: SP 120K-BL) well capable to serve as a perfect industrial three-phase string inverter in Pakistan. The feature of this variant includes

  • 10*MPPTs Design
  • AC/DC Dual power supply, redundant design
  • 15A Maximum input current
  • 1100V voltage level design, Supports a 1.5 DC/AC ratio
  • IP66 Protection & C5 Anti-corrosion
  • Support export power limit
  • Local maintenance through APP, remote O&M through cloud Built-in SPD protection(Type II, both DC & AC parts)

Monitoring Solution

These Sineng High power Inverters are well-versed with advanced monitoring systems, which allows users to monitor on-site or off-site. The monitoring solution consists of

  • Device: Bluetooth Dongle (Power Insight), Din Rail logger (LDW Series).
  • Power Insight Bluetooth Dongle: 1 piece per Inverter.
  • Applicable to Si-Neng 1st monitoring platform.
  • Bluetooth for local maintenance, and Wi-Fi for remote Maintenance.

Monitoring System

The advanced monitoring system of these inverters helps the user to identify the problem, maintenance requirement, fault assessment, and many more. If you are looking for the best three-phase string inverters in Pakistan Sineng has all the features that can ease your industrial operation, such as

  • Transparent management through Modbus API data and other third-party data transport.
  • The intelligent diagnosis feature identifies early warning related to critical faults and proactive push of alarm.
  • Automatic operation and maintenance that includes detailed troubleshooting and custom data report export.
  • Discrete rate analysis & IV Curve scan extends support in decision-making.

Economic Design

In any machine design, a typical big challenge is considering variable peak load demands, and designing without compromising efficiency is way more complex than we think but Sineng three-phase string inverters in Pakistan can beat all the challenges with its great economic design prospectus such as,

  • efficiency up to 98.7%
  • 1st time AC overload, which can improve the power generation during the peak hour
  • Lower cost
  • More comprehensive DC voltage range, start early & shut down late

The above features are only a part of the specifications related to this new segment of three-phase on-grid inverters designed by Sineng, more about this design masterpiece can attract anyone who is looking for the best on-grid inverters in Pakistan.

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