How Do Solar Windows Are The Best Solar Investment?

How Do Solar Windows Are The Best Solar Investment?

Windows are no longer just glass panes meant for airflow! Now you can generate your own energy and reduce power bills with them. Yes, we are talking about solar windows sometimes called solar glass windows. The world is exploring innovative ways to accelerate solar energy generation and one among those exciting technologies is solar windows.

Solar Windows – What are they and how do they function?

Solar windows are the windows with solar panels that generate electricity from the sun. Coming with built-in photovoltaic functionality, these windows have the potential to convert light from the sun into electric energy. Typically, solar windows embrace the concept of building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

In general, solar glass windows work similarly to solar panels in converting solar energy into electricity. In addition, the solar windows also allow light to pass through to the other side, similar to normal windows.

Solar windows are see-through solar panel variants; however, they have fewer modifications. These windows contain solar cells which can convert the sunlight into usable energy. This indicates that during day times, light will pass through the windows through their quantum dots of semiconducting material which can absorb the energy of the sun. In contrast to the solar panels, solar windows allow the light spectrum to pass through, and gather energy from the infrared and ultraviolet light rays.

How much energy can be produced from solar windows?

Solar windows are capable of generating between 8 – 10 watts in a day. It generally depends upon the solar light that passes through the cells. A typical solar window is characterized by a 7% to 15% energy conversion efficiency rate. This means you are not bound to some particular watts of energy generation by solar windows. You can store the excess energy produced by the solar glass windows in a battery. It remains stored until you need it for later use.

Promising solar windows technology – How is the best solar investment?

Besides catering to the normal function of allowing daylight into buildings, the see-through solar windows are also helpful in harvesting energy from the sun and converting it to electricity. Installing solar windows has a much lower cost when compared with a new solar panel system. Yet, you can contribute effectively to lowering your carbon footprint.

The solar windows are pretty effective in getting you the best ROI in generating power for the entire building. Most solar windows are capable of achieving a fantastic efficiency rate that lies between 11% to 15%. Since there are immense benefits in installing solar glass windows, people shift their attention towards these bright solar windows. Let’s explore a few here.

1. Takes up less space

One of the key advantages of solar glass windows is that they take up much less space comparatively than solar panels. Since they are fully integrated into windows, there’s no need for any extra space occupancy. In those places, where there is limited space or contain a lot of buildings, solar panel installations can be a bit difficult. Solar windows can be a feasible solution here.

2. Lower installation costs

By choosing solar windows, you could save a lot on the installation costs. Solar window replacement is very straightforward when compared to rooftop solar installations.

3. Saves on long-term energy costs

Most buildings are built with windows. So, it is not a hassle process to integrate solar windows. As such windows come up with the added potential for power generation, the building owners can have dual benefits of energy independence and savings on energy costs.

4. Blocks ultraviolet radiation

Solar windows can block the UV rays penetrating into the building and avoid the associated damage inside the building. This helps in preventing the fade of interior furniture in the building.

5. Reduce indoor temperatures

Solar windows restrict the transmission of heat, ensuring optimum temperature inside the building and thereby reducing air conditioning costs. When compared to standard glass windows, solar glass windows allow only a small amount of heat to pass. This means that the building owners can keep the interior of the property cooler, yet can maintain a sufficient amount of natural light in the space.

6. Improved ROI

Aesthetically appealing and innovative power-generating solar glass windows can significantly improve the return on investment from the building.

The future of solar windows

Though solar window technology is new, still it promises a brightened scope of benefitting the areas with limited space, like big cities. So, it’s very clear that the future of solar glass windows shines clear, and can expect only the best if the trend emerges. Embracing solar windows in vertical space and existing structures can potentially enable the building owners to generate clean renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions and footprint.

The ongoing research and development indicate amazing opportunities for solar windows, meaning that they would be a remarkable solution to build a greener and energy-independent world. Let us take the step to a sustainable world through an aesthetically pleasing way – Solar windows!

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