Solar Energy at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2023

Solar Energy at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2023

Soon it is going to witness the first-ever Carbon-Neutral FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. By accomplishing this, Qatar and other regions will get into a prideful moment of the legacy of climate innovation. The inauguration of the first solar plant from gas-rich Qatar is making a bigger thing and is going to deliver clean energy for the stadiums. Yes, the nation is on its track to fulfilling its commitment to carbon neutrality in the FIFA world cup. See more about this here.

Carbon Neutrality and FIFA World Cup

So, what is carbon neutrality? It is accomplishing zero carbon emissions. How to achieve this? It’s simple! If you make efforts to lessen the emissions and do the needful in buying carbon credits in balancing the pending emissions.

It is true that there are billions of viewers who are excited to watch their favorite sport – football. Beyond the usual advertisements, excitement, and other so many aspects, there is one more new thing now. In addition to the other big brands, now the stadium is gaining a lot of attention since a solar project is powering up the clean energy for the football match stadiums, where the sport will be held in November 2022, said the organizers.

Dr. Saud Abdel Ghani, who is the cooling technology engineer of the Fifa World Cup Qatar stadiums has said that the Fifa world cup 2023 is sure to deliver the best-ever experience of the tournament to the fans of Football. His words also reveal to us that there is a new technology called evaporative-cooled glass. This is a technique that comprises plastic, straw, and carton along with water that helps in releasing cooled air.

Solar-Powered FIFA World Cup

It should be accepted that this is the era where we need some extra care on renewable sources. Among the other renewable sources, solar energy is grasping attention all around the world. Now, this solar energy is going to create a huge impact in powering the most-watched tournament. This will be achieved by a solar project that constructs an 800 MW solar power plant.

Through the words of the organizers of the football, we come to know that a massive solar plant is going to be utilized in the game, which is going to start on November 20. This November-December 2022 tournament stadiums will be powered by solar and Qatar is the host for the first “NET ZERO” World Cup.

Despite the fact that Qatar is not a forerunner in the solar race compared with other Gulf regions, it has announced a solar energy capacity of 5 gigawatts with an estimated period of 2023.

Qatar And Solar Power

Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, the energy minister, recently initiated the steps for great development. This emphasizes improving the reliability of high-efficiency renewable energy. There are two more solar projects with the intention of doubling the energy yield from renewable sources in the next two years. Pertaining to the national vision of Qatar 2030, the projects of Qatar will have the core part of sustainability.

Qatar’s Al Kharsaah solar power plant was recently completed and is related to the national grid of the nation. This plant has a capacity of 800 MWP and is installed on a terrain of 1000 hectares. This equals nearly 1400 football pitches. As a cornerstone towards building a sustainable future, this IC solar project is truly a big step in building a sustainable future. This project is assumed to meet the renewable energy production of an expected capacity of 1.68GW by 2024. This target will be realized along with the solar power plant of Al Kharsaa, which is under the stage of construction.

Al-Kharsaah Solar PV Power Plant which has its inauguration in October 2022 is Qatar’s first large-scale solar plant. Moreover, it is the huge one in terms of capacity as well as size in Qatar with a value of 1.7 billion Qatari riyals. There are over 1,800,000 solar panels in this plant, where the sun tracking technology is used to detect the sun’s movement for effective land use. Also, this is quite helpful in achieving the utmost daily generation. This strategic initiative from the Gulf country aims to achieve a million-ton reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide, annually. So, what can be expected at the end? It will highlight the commitment of Qatar to being responsible for distributing cleaner energy to aid the energy transition of the nation.

A Deep look into the project

There is a valuable opportunity within the project expectation in the world cup tournament period. The whole village will be able to watch the world cup game with the electricity gained via a 10KVA solar farm with an 8-module solar panel and an LG- Viewing screen. A few solar-powered ideas here are:

  • Solar-powered lighting across the outside parking
  • Solar-powered cooling system
  • Solar-powered air quality monitoring

Once the conclusion of the FIFA World Cup is done, the plant will commence its generation of renewable energy which could end up creating a major legacy in the form of a carbon reduction project. So, for those who are anticipating the next FIFA world cup which has been organized in the Arab country, the great news is this 800 MW solar plant will power the hosting matches.

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