Benefits Of Bifacial Solar Panels In Large-Scale Industrial Energy Projects

Benefits Of Bifacial Solar Panels In Large-Scale Industrial Energy Projects

Solar power is increasingly becoming an important element in the overall energy mix of the world. As of now, it contributes to a significant figure of 4.2% of entire energy generation. The future of clean energy still is more outshining with the latest bifacial solar panels. These panels revolutionize power generation and are widely recognized in large-scale industrial energy projects.

Let us delve into the reasons and benefits of the application of bifacial solar panels in industrial settings.

Working Of Bifacial Solar Panels – Dual-Sided Sustainability

When you imagine a solar panel, typically it reminds you of a conventional structure, where the exposed side captures the sun’s energy. Now, there comes a different approach with bifacial solar panels. Bifacial solar panels are the ones that have the potential to generate power from both sides.

Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial solar panels are equipped with solar cells that can absorb light from both sides – the front and the rear side of the panel. They come with a transparent back sheet/glass layer that allows the sun’s light to pass through and reflect off the surface below the panel. This feature optimizes the overall energy generation.

The transparent rear side of the bifacial panels represents the core feature of the panels that ensures the production of power from both sides of the panels. Various tests indicate that these bifacial panels are found to generate  11% to 23% more energy when compared with counterparts monofacial solar panels.

How Bifacial Solar Panels Are The Supreme Choice Over Monofacial?

Let us find the major advantages of the bifacial type over the monofacial.


Double-Sided Energy Capture

The bifacial solar panels absorb the sunlight from both sides. The dual absorption properties of the panels help in improving the overall energy generation.

High energy production

When compared with monofacial type, bifacial solar panels are capable of generating up to 30% more energy. This means with fewer resources, you can produce better energy.

Reduced installation costs

You can install bifacial solar panels in numerous ways such as rooftop installation, ground mounting and more. This flexibility helps in reducing installation costs.


The bifacial panels are frameless and are covered by tempered glass on both sides. This ensures the durability of the panels. This tempered glass can withstand harsh environmental conditions such as UV rays, temperature and strong winds.

Application Of Bifacial Solar Panels In Large-Scale Industrial Projects

For utility-scale and larger industrial projects, bifacial solar panels can outperform monofacial panels. On looking into the economic benefits and efficiency factors of bifacial panels, more and more installers prefer bifacial panels over monofacial. Since these solar panels can absorb the sunlight from both sides, they can boost energy generation in large industrial energy projects.

Bifacial solar modules are also equipped with trackers which help in increasing their performance. It is estimated that such bifacial modules with trackers can deliver 30-40 percent greater efficiency.

Generally, the bifacial solar panels are ideal solutions for:

  • Commercial solar farms 
  • Unique deployment such as sound barriers 
  • Commercial and utility-scale solar installations
  • Large-scale solar installations
  • Pergolas and specific ground-mounted systems
  • Creative Solar Structures

How Bifacial Solar Panels Installation In Large Scale Projects Increase Efficiencies?

  • Captures more light – The bifacial design of these panels allows them to be fully transparent. The more exposed surface area of the modules helps in capturing more sunlight, both from the front and the back sides.
  • Reduced PID – The solar cells of the frameless bifacial solar panels are less likely to suffer from potential-induced degradation (PID).
  • Improved performance under specific conditions – Bifacial panels can yield better performance in unsupportable applications and can capture low-angle sunlight. They are adaptable to changing environmental conditions and ensure significant energy generation throughout the day.
  • Cost – Although the upfront cost of bifacial panels appears to be high, yet, the cost of these panels has decreased considerably over the years. This makes the choice more affordable than the monofacial panels.
  • Fewer space requirements – The increased efficiency of the bifacial solar panels leads to decreased space requirements. These kinds of panels are extremely useful in applications where there are space constraints and land limitations.
  • Accommodativeness – The performance of bifacial solar panels are independent of their angle of installation. They can be fixed even at 90o.
  • Impressive Aesthetics – Bifacial modules are offered with a plethora of choices that include a variety of offerings in elegant frameless designs.
  • Performs Well in Diffuse Light – Bifacial modules can deliver exceptional performance in diffuse light conditions. 
  • Longer Warranties – A major advantage of the bifacial solar panels is the longer warranty tag attached to them. Manufacturers of these panels are confident in offering impressive 30-year warranties.

Versatility in applications – These panels are widely used for various applications that include residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects.

Your Next Step

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