Wall Mount Solar Panels: Innovative Way To Generate And Store Energy For Homes

solar on the wall

Wall Mount Solar Panels: Innovative Way To Generate And Store Energy For Homes

Most developing nations are confronting the challenges of fulfilling the rising energy demands. One of the best and most feasible solutions to address this issue is the adoption of renewable energy. Solar power is recently gaining popularity due to its eco-friendliness and affordability to make the switch. When it comes to going solar, rooftops are the common choice to install solar panels. Now your choice is not restricted, here comes an innovative approach – wall-mount solar panels.

Solar Panels On The Wall – Is It A Rising Trend?

Do you intend to have solar installation for your home? Wall-mounted solar panels are excellent choices to consider. It becomes an optimal option if you don’t find your roof as the ideal place to install panels and don’t have any vacant space for the installation. These constraints do not mean that it is not possible to install solar panels. Wall-mount solar panels are a remarkable method to benefit from solar power. 

These wall-mount solar panels are increasingly becoming an alluring choice for residential properties as they are versatile, efficient, and cost-efficient solutions. 

These panels can be mounted on a wall; either can be attached parallel to the walls, hung as a canopy, or placed tilted at an angle, typically on a south-facing wall.

The wall-mount solar panels utilize the idle space of the walls around the home and wisely make it ready for solar power generation. If you are finding low on your home’s roof space or it is completely obstructed, just go for a wall-mount solar panel system. However, keep in mind that to gain the maximum benefit from this setup of wall-mount solar panels, you should ensure proper installation, constant monitoring, and maintenance.

Why should you consider solar on the wall of your home?

The limited space of most homeowners influences them to install solar panels on the roof. Even though it is the best choice in many cases, the challenge lies here obstructions and shading from trees. On the other hand, a ground mount system is encouraged, if you have the property. In the absence of favorable conditions for both of these, wall mounts can be great.

Although these panels don’t harness as much energy as the rooftop systems, they still empower homes to adopt solar energy, in scenarios of not being able to go for rooftop or ground mount systems.

There are yet more reasons indicating why a solar panel on your wall is a good choice.

1. Ideal for residences where panels can’t be put on a roof

When compared with traditional roof-mount solar systems, wall-mount solar panels are great options. They offer installation flexibility and allow installation on the walls, poles, and fences. For those residential properties with limited roof space or shaded spaces, wall-mount panels can be the right fit.

2. Easy to maintain

These kinds of wall-mount solar panels are low-maintenance systems. Compared with rooftop or ground-mounted solar systems, they are quite easy to clean and maintain. Since the rain can wash away debris, snow, or filth, cleaning is no more a hassle. As the system takes minimal space for installation, they can be perfectly fit into your home and are designed for easy installation.

The maintenance requirements are also low. Get the best of your solar energy system without any maintenance hassles. The intuitive user interface allows easy, yet efficient monitoring of the system, ensuring effortless inspection or visual checks.

3. Future-proof decision

No more doubt that investing in installing solar panels on your wall is a future-proof and intelligent move. With the world showing immense interest in embracing solar energy, the demand for solar power systems is expected to rise. By having solar panels mounted on your home’s wall, you stay on top of a self-reliant energy world. These systems are built to last longer and ensure you are energy-independent.

4. Maximum energy generation and storage

The notable benefit of the wall-mount solar system is you can store excess energy from the solar panels and use it for later use. Since these panels can be installed at different heights, reduce the shading effects, ensuring the improved performance of the system.

What to consider before mounting panels on your wall

What to consider before mounting panels on your wall
  • Hiring an expert is the best decision for installing wall-mount solar panels as installing panels on the wall are little more complex than the rooftops or ground-mount systems.
  • The placement of the wall mount systems should take place on the south-facing walls of the houses.
  • Vertical solar panels demand special mounting brackets in the installation process.
  • Evaluating the structural integrity of the installation surface ensures that it is capable of the weight of the solar panels. 
  • As this setup requires extra strong anchors for secure attachment, wall-mounted solar panels can be expensive.
  • Your residential property should have sufficient large walls to fit as many solar panels as possible

Make a smart investment today

Be wise and smartly utilize the extra space along the side of your home. Solar panel on your wall is the right choice to get rid of the problems of shaded rooftops. If you are looking to improve your energy efficiency, lower electricity costs, and reduce your carbon footprint, installing wall-mount solar panels is an excellent decision. 

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