Solar Rooftop Solutions – Powernsun

Solar Rooftop Solutions – Powernsun

The solar energy market of the United Arab Emirates is anticipated to attain a CAGR of over 15% between 2022 – 2027. With distributed solar in the GCC, Dubai has already accomplished massive success. Also, the Shams Dubai solar program that was launched in 2015 enabled better opportunities for the growth of residential, commercial, and industrial installations.

UAE is armed with the vision of generating 75% of its energy from clean sources by 2050. How can this solar dream be realized with rooftop installation? Are rooftops worth their investment? Let us see.

Rooftop Solar – What is this?

The traditional sources of energy are depleting and energy prices are going up. Fortunately, we have got a way that allows harnessing the power of the sun and converting it into usable electricity.

Every country in the globe is figuring out ways to reap solar energy. However, it is not necessary to install a big solar farm to realize your energy goals. By installing rooftop solar panels on the top of your home, you can generate your own energy and become a part of a green energy world.

A rooftop solar system refers to a set of PV modules that are installed on rooftops of houses, commercial or industrial buildings. This solar panel system helps in grasping the energy of the sun and converts it into electricity. This process of conversion can be achieved through a device inverter which plays the role of transforming the solar panel-generated DC power into usable AC power.

How does a rooftop solar system function?

rooftop solar solution

A typical rooftop solar system comprises solar panels, an inverter, and required electrical components.

  1. Solar panels absorb the sunlight and then transform it into electricity.
  2. After the absorption of solar energy, the solar cells release electrons which help in converting solar energy into DC power.
  3. The inverter attached to the solar system converts the DC power into AC power.
  4. The surplus energy produced will be fed back to the grid.

Rooftop Solar System In Realizing The Solar Dream

On the way to realizing the energy vision of the UAE, rooftop solar systems play a vital role. The entire world is facing energy demands due to insufficient conventional resources of coal, fossil fuels, and high prices of electricity. Considering these issues and in order to tackle the challenges of the power crisis, rooftop solar systems can be the best choice.

Rooftop solar systems are becoming economical options for those who want to switch to solar and generate clean and green energy. With the adequate sun shining in the region, UAE is the perfect place to have the attractive option of installing rooftop solar. Since the empty roof surfaces of residential and commercial buildings can be utilized for power generation, rooftop solar systems are truly an efficient way to produce energy.

Global Rooftop PV market

With natural resources, the sun is shining throughout the year and is an unlimited source; all you need to move to solar energy is to install solar panels on your rooftop.

Advantages Of A Rooftop Solar System

  • Easy maintenance- Rooftop solar systems are quite easy to maintain. The best part is they come with an average life period of 15 to 25 years. Simple regular cleaning and maintenance are sufficient for the system.
  • Reduced electricity bill- Electricity prices are rising across the country. By installing a solar rooftop, you gain electricity upfront for around 25 years.
  • Increased property value- Your building value can be increased by 3-4% by installing a solar power system. It has been observed that properties with solar rooftops on them possess better values and sell quickly.
  • No additional space required- As a rooftop solar system is going to be installed on the roofs of commercial or residential buildings, it doesn’t demand a large plot of land for system installation.
  • Environmental benefits- Apart from the financial benefits of rooftop solar, it also helps in achieving a sustainable environment. Solar energy generations leave less carbon footprint which means you contribute to a better future.
  • Energy storage- The drastic climate changes and the increasing global warming lead to the breakdown of electricity. With your rooftop solar power system installed with battery backup storage, you get the biggest support of protection against power interruptions.

Things to look out for when considering a rooftop solar

Since investment in a solar system is significant, there are some important considerations before you proceed.

  • Availability of sunlight
  • Age of roof
  • Type of roof
  • Size
  • Operation costs involved in the solar installation
  • The angle of the Roof
  • Shade
  • Direction

The above are the key factors that determine the overall efficiency of the solar system. Although solar is worth the investment, still it is not an appropriate solution for all. Consider all the above aspects and come to a conclusion about whether you are the right fit for installing a solar rooftop. Also, you can contact Powernsun and get an accurate assessment to draw a model on your roof.

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