The New Sineng On Grid Inverters And Their Benefits

The New Sineng On Grid Inverters And Their Benefits

Taking the more relevant step toward a solar world is becoming increasingly important. Being a world leader in offering top solar products and accessories, Power n Sun now joins hands with a globally popular manufacturer – Sineng. Recently, a new range of on-grid inverters from the brand is holding their most popularity in the renewable energy setup of most homes in the UAE. Let us look into some of the most recent products along with their benefits.

Sineng – About the brand

Specialized in diverse segments of manufacturing, R&D, and marketing of power & electronic products, Sineng offers power and electronic products & solutions and on-grid inverters. Sineng is widely recognized as the forerunner in manufacturing solutions for the solar industry. Established in and headquartered in Wuxi City, China, it is a fast-growing company across the world. As regarded among the top manufacturers in the solar industry, the business is in line with the demanding needs of clients and provides new energy solutions, including on-grid inverters.

New range of Sineng On-grid inverters

A solar inverter is a safe power source converter and is a vital element in a solar power system. The rising voice of ‘Clean Energy’ emphasizes moving to solar products. Inverters are a very essential part of the solar system and without them, it is not possible to convert solar panel energy into usable electricity.

Among the various options for solar inverters, on-grid inverters always have their recognition in shifting to a sustainable world. Listed as one of the renowned modern PV inverter production companies, Sineng continuously introduces advanced products and solutions in the solar industry. Power n Sun takes pride in pairing hands with a world-class producer of power products. We are happy to bring your attention to a vast range of on-grid inverters from our catalog.

Sineng 50kw on-grid Inverter Forms the best choice for commercial and industrial, this three-phase inverter gives high efficiency for the buyers. With maximum power of 55KW, you can expect 98.2% maximum efficiency from this inverter. Offered with a protection level of IP66, it self-consumes less than 1W at night. Benefits Smart Arc-Fault Circuit-Interrupter High-Performance Management with Smart I/V Curve Scan and high-Quality OLED Screen Quick plant monitoring through the app Built-in PID Recovery Function 1 Times Continuous Output Overload

Sineng 60 kw on-grid Inverter

With a rated output power of 60000W, this three-phase inverter offers 98.2% maximum efficiency and 97.9% EU efficiency. This model comes with optional PV string Current Detection and PID Protection.


  • Leakage Current Protection
  • DC Reverse Protection
  • AC Short Circuit Protection
  • Anti-island Protection
  • Convenience Handle Design and overall it has a user-friendly design
  • Has the features of Local & Remote Maintenance
Sineng 120 kw on-grid Inverter With a maximum efficiency rate of 99.0%, this three-phase inverter stands as the right choice for commercial and industrial purposes. Rated Output Power is 110000W and 10*2 is the number Of PV Input per MPPT. Benefits This inverter delivers safe and reliable functionality through aspects such as IP66 Protection & C5 Anti-Corrosion Rating Smart I/V Curve Scan enables high-performance management 1100V Voltage Level Design High rewards through Built-in PID Recovery Function 1 Times Continuous Output Overload

Sineng 250 kW on-grid String Inverter

SP Series String Inverter from Sineng ensures more power generation. This is the inverter with low system cost due to features such as up to 24 PV strings. Support aluminum cable access, and thus saves on cable costs. With the maximum output power of 250 kW, 99.03% efficiency is achieved through this inverter.


  • Improved power generation through 12MPPTs that let you track the maximum PV power
  • High reliability through factors of IP68 protection level and Integrated string monitoring function
  • A grid-friendly device with Low harmonics and also enables fast response for grid regulation
  • Quick installation through Standard connection
  • Can save on communication cable with the support of PLC communication
Sineng 275kw on-grid String Solar Inverter With maximum output power rated at 275 kW, 99.03% is the maximum efficiency of this inverter. More power generation, low system cost, grid friendly, and high reliability are some of the significant features of this inverter type. Benefits Protection features such as Insulation monitoring, Anti-island protection, DC reverse connection protection, Leakage current protection, grid monitoring, and overvoltage protection Supports bifacial PV modules with PV current 20A ( maximum) Cooling fan with IP68 protection level ensures high reliability Up to 24 PV strings Active power derating & reactive power-adjustable Ability to track maximum PV power through 12MPPTs

Being a more economical option, and offering low installation cost and cost of equipment, Sineng on-grid inverters are a viable choice for shifting to renewable energy. These grid-connected systems are very ideal for best savings through the benefit of selling excess energy back to the grid. Apart from significant savings on energy bills, a range of Sineng inverters can also help in adding value to your properties.

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