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Trina Solar Panel in UAE

The world is seriously taking efforts toward solving climate change and energy demands with renewable energy. How about you? Have you started your journey powering your industry or building or house with renewable energy from the sun? Luckily you are smart enough to get excellent solar panel products from a leading supplier, Power n Sun. We work with various leading manufacturers for meeting the diverse needs of solar products. And this of our journey now covers your search for Trina solar panels in UAE.

UAE is intended to increase its energy mix contribution to clean energy to 50% by 2050. Thanks to the Trina solar panel in UAE, it is made easier now. As a significant Trina solar panel supplier, Power n Sun delivers customized PV panels. Thus it empowers people to get solar power within their reach.

Clean energy solutions from one of the renowned Trina solar panel distributors

The high grid tariffs increased awareness of the global environment, and better net metering policies are the driving forces behind the surging solar projects. Of course, solar is definitely a viable investment. Hence choosing top-quality PV panels makes you smart enough to get a great ROI. If you are ready to put your foothold in solar energy, let us help in that with our best quality Trina solar panel in UAE.

Buy Trina solar panel – Know the power behind your purchase

Trina Solar is one of the well-known vertically integrated solar panel manufacturers across the world have proven performance in its sector. Established in 1997, the company has spread its wings in more than 100 countries and regions. The new Vertex range of panels from the manufacturer has helped the brand to be highlighted as a leader in innovation.

 This is the technology where the panels have the latest solar cell technology that makes the panels capable of achieving the utmost efficiency. Moreover, this is the efficiency standard that probably will reach closer to the standards of premium manufacturers. So, this means now you can get your Trina solar panel in UAE with supreme quality, yet it comes with an affordable Trina solar panel price.

Driven by R&D, the company has a vast portfolio of a comprehensive range of solar solutions. There are different solar products that serve the requirements in the photovoltaic segment. This includes smart solar cells, energy storage systems, smart systems, and smart O&M.

With the power of a brand that caters to numerous projects all over the world, the manufacturer has a significant contribution to reducing 27 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions (approx.) every year. In fact, this is equal to 4.9 million acres of trees planted a year. Power n Sun really takes pride in this. And we are glad that we are the destination for your Trina solar panel in UAE.

Major features of Trina Solar panels

  • A perfect choice panel for any solar installation due to its compatibility
  • An increased amount of energy even in limited space
  • A lower temperature coefficient improves energy production in warm weather conditions
  • Dual glass modules have guaranteed PID, safe against corrosion and micro-cracking.
  • Advanced glass and solar cell texturing surface

Trina Solar Panel Supplier in Gulf and South Asian Region

Trina Solar is one of the world’s most reliable solar module manufacturers, that is efficiently working towards paving a bright future with it’s commercial and residential solar solutions. Reforming the essentials of sustainability, Trina Solar monocrystalline and microcrystalline PV modules are engineered to meet the worldwide demand for clean energy. This gives rise to products including Trina Solar TallMax Plus; Duomax and many other solar modules and optimization equipment. The manufacturer is among the first to receive the Client Test Data Program Certificate from the global safety organization, UL. Every Trina Solar product promises you quality, guaranteed efficiency, reduced electricity bills, and your carbon footprint. Installing them to roof or backyard, and using clean AC energy, via inverters is simple, affordable and long-lasting.

PowernSun offers B2B wholesale opportunity of Trina Solar PV modules for small to medium suppliers and retailers in the Middle East and South Asian diaspora. You can buy online via our eCommerce platform, or direct contact us to inquire or place an order Call : +971 4 3686393 | Email : info(at)


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