Everything You Need To Know About SAJ Solar Pump Controller

Everything You Need To Know About SAJ Solar Pump Controller

About the company

Founded in 2005, SAJ is a state-level high-tech enterprise that emphasizes motor drive and control technology. The company is armed with a vision of revolutionizing the industrial automation sector. Intended to develop as a global leader as an Energy-Internet Oriented Service Provider for Green Buildings, SAJ has spread its branches across Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Australia, Spain, India and many others.

Renowned for its rich quality and comprehensive service and support system, SAJ is known for supplying over 1.5 million products across the world. With the aim to contribute towards zero-carbon and energy-saving technology, the company is indulged in offering professional distributed solar inverters, storage hybrid solar inverters, smart pump drives, general frequency drives, solar pumping systems, monitoring platforms and control systems for smart adjustable desks.

What Makes SAJ A Reputable Brand?

SAJ forefronts innovation through its key technologies such as motion control, high-performance frequency vector control, and photovoltaic power production. The company is renowned for acclamations such as the national high-tech enterprise award, Intertek “authorized satellite lab” and top 20 companies for the patent creator in the Guangzhou development zone in the year 2012.

PDS33 Series - Solar Pump Controller

Ranges offered

saj Solar Pump Controller


The PDS33 solar pump controller takes the DC power from the solar arrays which in turn will drive the water pump via MPPT algorithm. This makes sure to achieve the utmost conversion efficiency and PV module output. This solar pump controller is best suited for areas that have water scarcity issues and do not have a reliable electricity supply or even no electricity.

Highlights of the series:


The product comes with extreme flexibility making it compatible with any IEC three-phase asynchronous motors, popular solar arrays, and also offered with an optional grid main supply.


MPPT, Maximum Power Point Tracking is very essential with any photovoltaic (PV) generate system in increasing its output efficiency. The self-adaptive MPPT algorithm of the solar pump controller helps in achieving maximum efficiency of up to 99%.

The device has a built-in smart IGBT module, which is intended to achieve the lowest possible switching losses by employing the fastest possible switching of electric currents. Also, the device is offered with integrated overvoltage, overload, overheat and dry run protection.

The smartness of the solar pump controller includes automatic regulation of pump flow and self-adaption to the drive that has been used in the installation.


Some of the essential features that make this series of products cost-effective covers built-in pump protection functions, Plug-and-play design, easy maintenance and battery-free design that make it ideal for diverse applications.

Remote monitoring

The users can perform remote debugging and operating anytime anywhere through the Standard RS-485 interface. The product is offered with an optional GPRS module that enables remote monitoring. The spot value of solar pump parameters can be monitored from anywhere in the comfort of installers. You can easily look into the history of solar pump parameters and events lookup support.

You can also avail feature of Android/iOS monitoring APP support or monitor through your PC.


The SAJ brand offers users complete reliability. The brand is equipped with a decade of market-proven expertise in the latest motor and pump drive technology. The pump controller is granted a standard warranty of 36 months (3 years) for the pump controllers.

The soft start feature of the product avoids water hammer and helps in improved system life. Smart IGBT modules integrated into the product simplify the overall system design, lessen the board space and altogether simplify the manufacturing process.

PDS51 Series Solar Pump Controller

Offered in ranges

Solar Pump Controller


The entire world accelerates the effort towards carbon peak and carbon neutralization. Deploying new energy would be a viable way to achieve carbon reduction in most countries.  The solar water pump controllers are majorly beneficial in solar irrigation and solar water conservancy projects. These solar pump controllers are not only useful in water scarcity in remote areas but also aid in achieving carbon neutralisation and carbon peak goals.

Key features of the series:


The solar pump controller of this series is compatible with AC/DC and power supply modes. You can connect both AC and DC simultaneously. The intelligent system software helps in maximizing the use of solar energy and can work day and night.

Stylish appearance

Comes in a metallic design, and reliable structure, the series has an integrated human interface superior design.


The product is optimal for major types of motors or pumps. They are best suited for AM and PMSM pumps that have strong applicability and allow more flexible configuration.

Can link multiple pumps and inverters

The introduction of the Pump linkage function enables the sharing of multi-small pumps with the same solar modules and hence solar power efficiency is enhanced.

IP 65 protection

PDS51 Series Solar Pump Controllers are offered with superior waterproof and dustproof design. IP 65 protection of the product ensures that they are strong against extreme working environments.

Applications of the solar pump controller

  • Farmland irrigation
  • Desert control
  • Rural water supply
  • Seawater desalination in remote areas

SAJ provides solar pump controllers relevant to specific output requirements. The company is glad to offer solutions tailored to the unique needs of motor control.

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