What is solar inverter and it types?

What is solar inverter and it types?

Are you looking for a perfect solution for your family to reduce the monthly utility bills, increase property value, and be proactive towards environmental responsibility? Buying solar inverters for your home from a leading solar inverter distributor will be the right decision! Residential solar inverters are an affordable, clean and green source of energy for all residential home requirements.

We could see that solar power energy has come a long way in the past decade. It is becoming more efficient than ever and something that every household can absolutely afford to invest in. In fact, as a social responsible human we shouldn’t overlook the importance of solar energy and should invest in solar! Let us spread the word about the advantages of solar inverters and influence others to build greener earth.

So, what are solar inverters?

Solar panels produce enormous amounts of electricity yet it would be of no use to people unless there is a solar inverter. Solar inverters are the ones that convert solar power to be usable by most appliances and equipment in the home. As Alternate current is the major source that is transferred around the world, inverters hold the high importance to most solar power setups. Being very affordable to install solar panels, it is very clear that you are sure to make the best inverter for your energy system.

Solar panels generate direct current power (DC). This power source is good for the appliances like LED lights, motors, and other low-power devices. But, most of the home appliances and electronics run using alternating current. Hence to create that power required to run all those home appliances it has to be converted by an inverter first. Here comes the need for a reliable solar inverter distributor.

Types of solar inverters:

String Inverters 

This solar panel type is arranged in a form of a string and many strings get allied to one single string inverter. These are a good choice for installations where the panels need to be arranged on one single plane to avoid facing in various directions.

Micro inverters

These inverters are module-level electronics where one inverter is fixed on every panel. If you are planning a solar power system for residential purpose, then micro inverters are the best choice. 

Hybrid inverters

Also known as multi-mode inverters, hybrid inverters slow plugging batteries into the solar power system. The battery gets interfaced by it through the direct current coupling method. The charging and discharging processes of the battery are managed by the electronics.

Battery based inverters

These unidirectional inverters include both an inverter and a battery charger. These inverters offer a nonstop operation for various loads based on their grid condition. They could also detect the status of the battery and control its charging levels.

Central inverters

These larger inverters can support additional strings. The strings are united together in a combiner box. The DC or direct current power flows towards the middle inverter which in turn will be transformed to AC power. These inverters are mostly used for commercial purposes.

The solar inverter can increase the value of your property in the market by making the home energy attractive and efficient. This holds the major reason behind why homes should be equipped with solar energy systems and how they are fetching a huge price in the market among the solar inverter distributors.

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