A New Segment of The JA Pro Solar Panels: GR Series

A New Segment of The JA Pro Solar Panels: GR Series

JA Solar launches its new product DeepBlue 3.0 Pro, an innovative generation of high-efficiency modules. JA solar pro series is a new lineup of the DeepBlue 3.0 segment. These powerful modules were revealed by the Chinese manufacturer on the first day of the SNEC exhibition in Shanghai.

Introducing all high-efficiency proven to outperform in the global market

There are endless technological evolutions in the solar PV industry. JA Solar, the established Chinese manufacturer of high-performance solar products again leads the industry with a new series of JA Pro Solar Panels which boasts their outstanding features of high reliability, higher conversion efficiency, and excellent power generation capacity.

The DeepBlue series, which includes DeepBlue 3.0 and DeepBlue 3.0 Pro are perfectly designed to deliver customer value by helping them to bring down the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE). JA Panel company with its 10% of global solar production possesses the pride of being the 3rd largest solar panels manufacturer in the world. Now it proves once again with its new-generation gapless encapsulating technology modules which are believed to be the ‘optimal solution’ for assuring zero micro-cracks in cells.

Best solution for the distributed market – What makes the panels so powerful?

Powernsun, as a renowned JA Pro Solar Panel dealer, is glad that we are all set and ready to supply DeepBlue 3.0 Pro-high-efficiency modules for your PV projects. JA solar panels are extremely popular for their high performance. Thanks to the M10 / 182mm cell formats, the power of the modules is increased to about 10W and an improved efficiency of 0.4%.

During the launch of the product, JA solar stated that it always looks to explore ways to accomplish lower LCOE, deliver high customer value, and accelerate solar energy adoption with its reliable products. The introduction of JA solar pro panels G-series is another milestone in its product portfolio.

Being an authorized JA Pro Solar Panel supplier, PNS is happy to reveal some of the unique features of this new series of modules here.

▪ Targets the distributed generation market with a power output of up to 415W and a notable efficiency of more than 21.3%

▪ Inheriting all the benefits of DeepBlue 3.0, the Deep Blue Pro series are very light modules best known for their compact design

▪ Offers higher power per unit area and per unit weight, and touts to possess higher roof utilization rate and load-bearing capability.

▪ Having the perfect balance in efficiency, quality, and reasonable JA Pro Solar Panel price, DeepBlue 3.0 Pro series ensures constant high power output throughout the entire lifecycle of the PV plant.

The well-known solar product supplier PNS is now empowered as the leading JA Pro Solar Panel distributor

Preceding the ‘overall high achiever’ Deepblue 3.0, recognized for excellent performance in terms of quality, performance, and reliability, DeepBlue 3.0 Pro comes as an upgraded version of DeepBlue 3.0. Delivering solar products that are of ultimate value and performance is always the goal of Powernsun and it continues its journey in the global solar market by strengthening its role as the JA Pro Solar Panel seller.

Thanks to the very informative JA Solar GR Series datasheet, PNS is pleased to let you know that this new generation of high-efficiency modules has gathered a lot of attention from participants of the SNEC exhibition. Have a glance at various offerings of the series.

JA Solar 540W MBB Half-cell Module


Assembled with MBB PERC cells, these half-cell configuration modules are offered at competitive JA Pro Solar Panel cost.

▪ Maximum System Voltage – 1000/1500V

▪ Maximum power current(imp) (A) – 12.97

▪ Module efficiency – 20.9%

▪ Operating temperature – -40degree to +85 degree

JA Solar 545W MBB Half-cell Module


Assuring you the high output power this series comes with a superior product warranty of 12 years and a 25-year linear power output warranty.

▪ Rated maximum power (P Max) (W) – 545

▪ Maximum power current(imp) (A) – 13.04

▪ Module efficiency – 21.1%

▪ Open circuit (Isc) (A) – 13.93

JA Solar 550W MBB Half-cell Module


Recognized as the best JA Pro Solar Panel in Dubai, these series are good at better temperature-dependent performance.

▪ Rated maximum power (P Max) (W) – 550

▪ Maximum power current(imp) (A) – 13.11

▪ Module efficiency – 21.3%

▪ Temperature coefficient – Isc +0.045%

JA Solar 555W MBB Half-cell Module


Assured for the best benefits of less shading and lower resistive loss, these high-efficiency panels are now supplied by a global industry leader – Powernsun.

▪ Rated maximum power (P Max) (W) – 555

▪ Maximum power current(imp) (A) – 14.07

▪ Module efficiency – 21.5%

▪ Temperature coefficient – Isc +0.045%

▪ Temperature coefficient – Voc -0.275%

JA Solar 560W MBB Half-cell Module


These mono-technology half-cell configuration modules give you enhanced tolerance for mechanical loading. And this series of modules embraces the

design concept of affordable size, electrical parameters, and customer-oriented for accomplishing optimal LCOE.

▪ Rated maximum power (P Max) (W) – 560

▪ Maximum power current(imp) (A) – 14.14

▪ Module efficiency – 21.7%

▪ Temperature coefficient – Isc +0.045%

▪ Temperature coefficient of Pmax -0.350%

Regions we serve:

Powernsun is delighted to become a trusted JAM72S30-545/550/555 GR supplier of JA Pro panels GR series and serve across the regions of GCC, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Morocco, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. And in this way, it makes sure to fulfill the market demand for high-efficiency distributed modules.

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