Everything You Need To Know About Tongwei Solar (Tw Solar)

Everything You Need To Know About Tongwei Solar

Everything You Need To Know About Tongwei Solar (Tw Solar)

About the Company

Tongwei Solar is a leader in the manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar cells and high-efficiency modules with the latest technology. Having a strong belief in the concept, ‘PV changes the world’, Tongwei proves its responsibility as a world-class clean energy supplier through its efficient offerings. As of now, Tongwei Solar currently has six production sites and over 20,000 employees across the world. The company’s 6 bases Hefei, Shuangliu, Yancheng, Nantong, Meishan, Jintang, and the Tonghe project result in an overall annual production capacity of 70GW.

TW Solar prides itself on its 14GW annual production capacity of high-efficiency modules. It is anticipated to reach 80GW by the end of 2023.  The total annual production capacity of solar cells is estimated to reach around 130-150GW in 2024-2026. Tongwei Solar (TW Solar) is a Tier 1 PV module manufacturer and has been involved in module development and production since 2022. Tongwei solar panels have been employed in over 30 countries for worldwide PV projects.

Technological Innovations of the Company

Tongwei has 3 national first-class PV technology R&D centres. In addition, the company has set up scientific research and technology under the leadership of industry experts. Recent years are the era where this Chinese Solar manufacturer TW (Tongwei) Solar has invested its comprehensive efforts into new production technology and product line expansion. The built-up experience of the company since 1986 has helped the brand to top polysilicon, wafers and cells, and the solidness of the company in the module manufacturing segment once again proves its technological innovation and forward-thinking.

G12 TOPcon solar module series

The Vertically integrated solar manufacturer, Tongwei recently showcased its G12 TOPcon solar module series that boasts notable efficiency ratings of up to 23.1% and -0.30% per degree Celsius temperature coefficient.

The latest arrival of new PV module lines are based on n-type monocrystalline cells and are made with tunnel oxide passivated contact (TOPCon) technology. The solar modules are based on G12 wafers and are expected to accomplish a power conversion efficiency of up to 26.1% in mass production.

Some of the highlights of the series:

  • The modules target both residential and utility-scale markets
  • The company has unveiled two modules for the residential markets.
    • Bifacial black with a power output of 450W (efficiency of 22.5%)
    • Bifacial with a power output of 455W (efficiency of 22.8%)
  • The largest line TWMNH66-HS module versions come with power outputs from 605 W to 625 W. The efficiency ratings fall from 22.4% to 23.1%.
  Open-circuit voltage 47.60 V – 48.40 V
 Short-circuit current 15.80 A to 16.0 A
  Dimensions in  mm  2,382 x 1,134 x 35
  Weight  29 Kg
  • Products are provided with a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year power output guarantee.
  • An annual linear degradation of 0.40% for 30 years
  • Degradation rated at 1.0% in the first year
  • Compared with previous M10 TOPCon modules, the power output has been by more than 30W.
  • Reduced the levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) by 1.19%

New breakthrough TNC and THC modules

Recognizing the emerging N-type technology in the PV industry that focuses on improved performance value, Tongwei Solar has introduced two new lineups:

  1. TNC-182 module with optimized size rectangular silicon wafer cell technology
  2. The silver-free 210-THC module

Both above modules are wrapped with higher power, reduced lower balance-of-system (BOS) and levelized cost of energy (LCOE).

Highlights of the TNC modules:

  • TNC (Tongwei N-passivated Contact Cell) technology achieved up to 25.7% efficiency.
  • The conversion efficiency has exceeded 25.5% in mass production
  • Features high bifaciality, improved temperature coefficient, and ultra-low attenuation.
  • The power of the new module versions is improved by 25-30 W and exceeds 600 W

Highlights of the THC modules:

  • Since 2018, Tongwei Solar has been working on THC technology. Tongwei’s first GW-level production line had reached an efficiency level of 26.18% in mass production.
  • 210-THC modules feature various technological breakthroughs such as silver-free technology, bifacial microcrystal technology, ultra-thin silicon wafer technology, high-performance target doping, and light injection.
  • The new 210-THC module series of Tongwei Solar has a lower temperature coefficient and higher bifaciality, ultimately achieving increased power generation and lower LCOE. 

What makes Tongwei Solar stand out in the competition?

  • TW Solar is the only module maker in the top 10 with its own polysilicon
  • On looking into the fluctuating polysilicon prices in the market, TW shields its customers from large price swings.
  • TW Solar is not vertically integrated with a PV product portfolio that ranges from high-purity crystalline silicon to ultra-thin silicon wafers, now high-efficiency modules, and high-efficiency solar cells.
  • Considering the year 2022, TW is the largest cell manufacturer with 70 GW of production capacity
  • N-type TOPCon series is a key market for TW Solar in the Middle East region.

Tongwei Solar already leads in producing polysilicon and cells. The company is armed with a goal of becoming a global leader in module production within the next three years.

Powernsun’s Partnership with TW Solar for the distribution of PV Modules

Powernsun feels honoured to have a strategic collaboration with Tongwei Solar, a global leader in the solar industry. This collaboration marks Powernsun joining together with the globally reputed brand and extending its capabilities in distributing PV modules across the world. Powernsun strongly believes that this collaboration will shape the world of solar energy and can effectively contribute towards building cleaner, and more efficient energy. This partnership hopes to leverage noticeable impacts in the solar energy market and demonstrates our commitment to serving people across the world with powerful and highly reliable PV modules.

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