Rooftop Solar: Challenges And Recommendations

Rooftop Solar Solar System Performance

Rooftop Solar: Challenges And Recommendations

Solar power is rapidly growing as an affordable and reliable source of energy across many regions of the world. The emerging demand for electricity has pushed the world to look out for renewable sources of energy and among that, solar seems to have a high potential in solving the energy crisis.

The UAE has set to derive 75% of its energy needs from clean sources by 2050. The UAE is always and still leading in the energy transition and one of the best ways to achieve is rooftop solar systems. The region is expected to address progress in the rooftop segment with its initiatives of the Shams Dubai programme by DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority). Although the government has its efforts to encourage installing solar panels on the roof, there is a certain set of challenges in the system. Let us explore confronting challenges and recommended solutions for them.

Challenge: 1

Cost considerations

As a well-known fact, solar systems require a high initial investment, and the same applies to rooftop solar systems. A rooftop system demands various components and involves associated labor costs. Cost appears to be the major reason behind rooftop solar system adoption. The expensive storage batteries are also a great concern that overshadows the benefits of a rooftop system.


DEWA customers can install solar panels, utilize the generated solar energy through Shams, a Dubai solar program, and reduce their monthly electricity bill and save on their money. National regulations also encourage the self-generation of energy and support solar panels on the roofs.

Challenge: 2

Solar panel degradation

It is general to expect a sharp decline in the performance of solar panels. Typically, the lifespan of solar panels is around 20-30 years, and after that, the solar panels are expected to face degradation of 0.5% to 3% per year. This degradation over time means the rate at which the energy-generating potential can be gradually reduced. Primarily this degradation process happens due to general wear and tear which is due to adverse weather conditions and exposure to UV rays. The degradation can result in a reduction in the production of power.



Monitoring the performance of panels and conducting periodic maintenance helps in reducing the degradation of solar panels. Keeping the panels clean and keeping an eye on their cleanliness could reduce wear and tear due to accumulated dust and debris. Though the degradation is unavoidable, still, buying panels from a trustworthy provider can help in gaining optimal benefits.

Challenge: 3

Roof Position, direction, and tilt

Solar panels need to be set at specific placements for yielding the most power from them. The challenge in reaping the maximum advantages of solar power is to ensure that the rooftop system is accurately oriented and positioned in alignment with the sunlight.


Positioning the solar panels on a roof facing the south direction, and ensuring them to be at a tilt between 30 and 45 degrees make sure to give way the optimal energy production.

Solar modules and panels can perform at their maximum when solar panels’ absorbing surface right perpendicular to the rays of the sun. Solar mounting frames are helpful in offsetting the problems of tilting and aid in determining the better angle for improved efficiency.

Challenge: 4

Leakage issues

Poor roof installation can end up in holes or fissures in the roof, which ultimately can lead to leaks. Leakages can also become the cause for snail trailing which are the brown lines that appear on the panels. The build-up of moisture often seems to be the cause of these brown lines and they impact the overall performance of the rooftop system.


It is essential to make sure that there are no gaps in the roof after the system installation. Hiring a reputed installer can help here. Since poor installation and incompatible roofs are the major reasons for leaks in the roof, choosing the right solar company saves you from these troubles.

Challenge: 5

Faulty or Damaged Wiring


Effective electrical wiring is another challenge with a rooftop solar system. Faulty or damaged wiring can lead to poor performance of solar panels. The efficiency of panels can be interfered with by things such as oxidation, loose connection, and corrosion.


Periodic checking of the solar panels for such wiring issues can help in mitigating the risks. Damages can be set to a minimum with the help of screens set up along the panels.


Rooftop solar systems are the best ways to improve your energy independence and reduce energy bills for homeowners and business people. However, the job is not complete just with the installation. Regular inspection and maintenance will help to get the most from the system and avoid any potential issues that hinder the performance of the system. It is expected to have more solar installations that contribute to the greener vision of the UAE. Choosing the right solar installer and products can help in realizing the goals of the nation at its true potential.

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