Deye Energy Meter 1-phase

170.00 د.إ

As an intelligent, digital front-end acquisition component, the instrument has been widely used in various control systems, SCADA systems, and energy management systems. Power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency, power factor, and power monitoring and assessment management. The DDSU666 Single-phase electronic type guide rail mounting electric energy meters. It is used to monitor and display the grid power (voltage, current frequency, and energy), and transfer this info to the solar inverter via RS485 communication in a zero-export system. AMC series intelligent power collection and monitoring device is a smart meter designed for power monitoring needs of power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, utilities, and intelligent buildings.

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Zero export energy meter product .

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Weight 0.44 kg
Dimensions 10 × 6.6 × 7.2 cm

1.5 years