Sungrow 125CX P2 string inverter

Sungrow 125CX P2 string inverter

A Remarkable Arrival From The Most Bankable Inverter Brand

After the shipment of 47.1 GW of Products in 2021, Sungrow aces the inverter segment globally. This worldwide popular brand is unveiling another new and innovative solution that adds strength to its premier portfolio. Sungrow 125CX P2, a multi-MPPT string inverter an optimal solution for a 1000 Vdc System.

An Excellent Launch That Boosts The Brand’s Role In Renewable Energy Development

The comprehensive portfolio of Sungrow is already satisfying the global market. The brand is highly capable of fulfilling the diverse demands of the solar market. It enforces the world in adopting renewable energy with top-quality solutions. Recently the company accomplished over 269 GW installed as of June 2022 worldwide. Before that, it surpassed 14GW inverter shipments. Sungrow took less than a year to beat its early achievement of the 10GW record made in November 2021. This growing capacity and fast-increasing shipment demonstrate the power of the brand, its consistent expansion, and its dominating position in the world market.

To serve the growing demand for energy storage, Sungrow fortifies its offerings through state-of-the-art solutions with which SG125CX-P2 is the latest arrival. It is an outstanding product from the brand that finds its application in the emerging commercial and industrial segment.

With a distinct emphasis on catering to the demands of the increasing C&I market and considering the need for industry-leading PV inverters, Sungrow recently launched its SG125CX-P2. This series is the most recent addition intended to bring higher yields of power and is designed to fit into the purposes of multiple rooftop C&I industries. This innovative launch from the company empowers it to be a step ahead of its competition and sustain its supremacy in the global market.

An Addition That Quickens The Pace Of Nations In Adopting Better Solar Energy

Dubai has notable scope for solar energy generation and the nation has a steady focus on developing solar projects. UAE holds an excellent place when it comes to building an energy-secure future. Even though the country majorly relies on fossil fuels, now it is the era where the emphasis is going on harnessing solar power.

As of 2021, 92.6% of overall electricity generation was contributed by thermal power. With the UAE considered a business Hub of the world, the threat of an energy crisis appears to be a huge challenge for businesses. Here comes an outstanding alternative. Installing a solar power system for commercial and industrial sectors! Being a top-notch brand for most solar inverter suppliers, Sungrow with its new series of 125CX P2 inverter for C&I segments majorly reduce the risk of businesses with energy crises. This commercial series from the company will be quite beneficial for individuals as well as for the Government. Also, you can expect the best solar inverter price which is sure to be competent for a commercial basis.

 As Sungrow is certainly the most preferred name among the established solar inverter dealers in UAE. Now the latest product from the inverter category demonstrates the strong ability of the company in offering industry-leading PV solutions for C&I applications. With this innovative product added to its Commercial Extreme Series portfolio, Sungrow continues its confirmation as a leader in the global market.

Sungrow 125CX P2

Sungrow 125CX P2 is the newest premier series inverter in the commercial-industrial segment holding greater capabilities to deliver higher power output. Serves as the most relevant choice for improved security, this series is more flexible in use. Incorporated with advanced Power Max technology, Sungrow 125CX P2 helps in tracking accurately the extreme power point. This feature supports the solar system to operate at optimal power generation state, continuously.

Technical specifications

This Sungrow 125CX-P2 inverter series is an upgraded version of commercial inverters. For those who are interested to know about this series and its specifications, the important information is pulled from Sungrow 125CX P2 solar inverter datasheet and listed here.

  • Recommended maximum PV input power – 175 kW
  • PV input voltage – 1100 V
  • Type – Multi-MPPT String Inverter
  • of independent MPP inputs – 12
  • AC Output power – 125 kVA
  • efficiency – 98.5%
  • Dimensional values (W*H*D) – 1020*795*360mm
  • Operating ambient temperature range – -30 to 60 °C
  • Weight – 87 kg

Buy the solar inverter series of Sungrow 125CX P2 and avail the below benefits

  • High yield series where the DC generating capacity is increased through improving maximum input current to 15A per string.
  • Advanced Power Max of 12 MPPTs technology that helps in tracking the highest power exactly. This makes the system function at its peak performance state.
  • Updated AFCI 2.0 and Type I+II SPD make the series very ideal solution for installing on rooftops of C&I buildings
  • Excellent detection capability where arcs with 99.9% accuracy can be achieved and this is accomplished by AFCI 2.0 system
  • Assured the safest operation of PV plants throughout the day through double protection feature
  • Compatible maximum 240mm² Al AC cables and Drawer-style cable sealing plate that supports AC cable pre-assembly help the installers with lower investment
  • Very reliable in terms of safety with features such as IP66 protection, C5 Anti-corrosion, support of AFCI 2.0 function, DC Type I+II SPD, and AC Type II SPD.
  • Enables access to smart O&M through Smart IV Curve Diagnosis, Grid fault record function, Key component diagnosis & protection, and easy for remote operation and monitoring.

PowernSun as the leading solar inverter distributor for SG125CX-P2

As a trustworthy partner for Sungrow, PowernSun is driven by the mission of supplying solar installers with what they need to become self-reliant in energy generation. Since we collaborate closely with our clients, we are always prepared to meet their upcoming demands and the inclusion of this SG125CX-P2 series stands for that. Not only that, we offer the best solar inverter price so that you do not need to worry about the burden of a huge investment.

Presenting the best products from the best brand!

Regions we serve

All our services are extended across the UAE region. We are open to dealing with installers, dealers, and EPCs based in A, B, C, D, and the other major parts of the UAE. We also look forward to serving the demand for Solar Equipment across the region.

Sign up with us and take your dealership for our solar products in your area.

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