How to choose solar panel system

How to choose solar panel system

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Best Solar Panel System

Investing in a solar PV system is definitely a wise option; however you should not get carried out by the wrong choice of panels or distributors.  It is essential to consider some of the important points while buying a solar panel for your residential, commercial or industrial requirements. Here are the considerations to find the perfect solar product for you.

Personal preferences

Do you give more preference to colors? Then keep in mind that poly and mono solar panels have a different color. The mono crystalline panels have a black shading, whereas the polycrystalline Panels have a bluer shading.

Have a clear idea about solar panel purpose

If you are going to use the solar panels to  accept sustainable industrial practices, complement grid power & reduce electricity bills, show responsibility in the direction of hygienic surroundings and climate variation to society then you should opt for bigger solar panels that have a higher output to reap the benefits of solar power.

Calculate the monthly and annual energy consumption that is needed by you. There are differences in the amount of energy consumed by commercial and industrial sector. Understanding the energy requirement will help to find the right solar PV modules for you.

Company Reputation

When you look for a solar panel installer, select the dealer who has a successful track record. You can also get recommendations from your friends or relative circle if they are acquainted with a solar system. However don’t forget to check the reviews or feedback of other customers too.

Online customers’ reviews are the best way to know about the company. Looking for the solar panel reviews that they have purchased is a useful source of information on finding reliable solar installers and equipment. It is also good to know of whether the installation outsources labor. If so is the case then the installation quality becomes a question.

Cost and ROI

Cost is of course a major issue when you decide to install solar systems as they are not common in regular houses. Solar system is a large investment that could return as much as 90% of reduced annual power bills. For those who consume low power can earn from the extra electricity that is generated by the solar system.


While it is always good to choose the right sized system when you buy the solar panels initially, still it is worth asking for the sake of future planning. Ask the solar dealer or distributor whether the system can accommodate upgrades in the future or not. In most of the cases, additional panels won’t be a problem for the providers. However, check with your roof’s attributes of home and expansion may need to be considered especially if you are short of space.

Quality and warranty

A quality solar panel should be waterproof. Ensure the solar panel, solar inverters and the solar regulators come with warranties. A warranty could give peace of mind, as you don’t have to worry about incurring costs in the future. If you wish to have quality solar panels in the long run, you should look for the ones that come with a dustproof cover and handles. This could ensure the maximum use of your investment. Finally look for the brand name Jinko,LG, sharp, Jolywood, are some of the reputed brands for solar panels.

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