How Solar Canopies On Parking Lots Can Be A Smart Green Move?

How Solar Canopies On Parking Lots Can Be A Smart Green Move?

Parking spaces take up a lot of space when it comes to new buildings. Additionally, the concern also increases the electricity demand. Since solar power has grown in popularity in the last decade, businesses are looking to make it an ideal way to save money and switch to eco-friendly choices.  This allows them to install solar canopies over the parking lots and save significant bucks on electricity bills.

Let us take a closer look at whether solar canopies on parking lots are a smart move and whether it is the right choice for you.

What is a Solar Panel Canopy?

Solar canopies are an umbrella term that wraps up the dual benefits of providing shelter as covered parking for drivers and generating solar energy. These double-advantageous elevated structures that host solar panels are installed above parking lots. They are customized structures with overhanging solar arrays that are integrated directly into the structure of the building.

Solar Panel Canopy

The factor that differentiates a typical ground mount installation from a parking canopy is it is taller to leave space for a car to park beneath.

Is Solar Canopy A Parking Lot Revolution?

Undoubtedly, installing solar canopies over an existing parking lot is a great idea. It effectively utilizes the space, rather than merely installing a standard ground-mounted system for a bit of space and protection against weather conditions.

Since nations across the world are shifting to greener energy, larger parking lots can be tagged as areas with the unique potential of high exposure to sunlight for generating clean and green energy. Still, it is one of the bundles of benefits that solar parking canopies offer. With an extreme focus on the green revolution surging, businesses can grab solar canopies on the parking lot to stay at the forefront of reducing carbon emissions.

Benefits Of Solar Canopies Shading Parking Lots

Effective usage of existing parking space

With a solar canopy, you can efficiently make use of commercial parking space. Solar canopies can be installed above the pre-existing parking lots. Hence, you do not have to make huge modifications to the blueprint of the building.

Energy savings

Energy saving is the biggest benefit from solar canopies shading parking spaces. Apart from the obvious benefit of protecting vehicles from the outside environment, solar canopies also give energy savings for businesses. The electricity generation during daytime, any excess energy can also be sent back to the grid and lead to energy savings.

Just similar to traditional solar installations, panels on a solar canopy can also be adjusted for maximum exposure to sunlight.

Easy EV charger integration

As you know, electric vehicles are increasingly becoming popular. You can easily integrate Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with a solar canopy. Employees and staff who use EVs can recharge their vehicles. These EV stations can generate revenue for your business.

If EV drivers are presented with a choice between grid-powered or solar-powered car charging, it is quite evident that they would prefer solar-powered.

Reduces environmental impact

With solar canopies, businesses can reduce the effects of greenhouse emissions which can lead to the green revolution. Since the emphasis on solar energy is widespread among all, adopting green energy can earn your business a great reputation.

Weather Protection

Solar canopy parking spaces protect the vehicles from the sun, snow or rain and keep customers and staff happy. For those areas with harsh summers, a solar canopy can keep vehicles cooler by blocking out the sun’s rays. On the other hand, during winter seasons, a solar canopy can prevent snow and ice from accumulating on vehicles. Also, you don’t have to worry about vehicles getting caught in a downpour.

What types of industries can have solar parking canopies?

The economic benefits that you save with a solar canopy are typically determined depending on the solar system size and how you pay for electricity. Though solar parking is expensive, it still offers additional environmental benefits such as producing more electricity and doesn’t carry the same space restrictions similar to rooftop systems.

Businesses that install solar canopies can avail of the benefits from the Government and thus can reduce the tax burden and accelerate returns on solar investments.

What types of industries can have solar parking canopies?

Businesses with medium to large parking areas are perfect for solar canopy installation. Larger warehouses are also ideal for this kind of parking. Solar parking canopies are optimal choices for:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Grocery stores
  • Shopping centres
  • Commuter parking areas
  • Universities
  • Community centers
  • All buildings that have large parking lots

Ready for Solar Canopies?

By installing a solar parking canopy, businesses can make an effective contribution towards decreasing carbon emissions and limiting the harmful releases from their operational processes to the environment. Certainly, solar canopy parking is a highly appreciated way for a business to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability.

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