Longi’s Innovative Launch of Anti-Dust Solar Module For The C&I Segment

Longi Anti Dust Solar panels

Longi’s Innovative Launch of Anti-Dust Solar Module For The C&I Segment

Longi, the Chinese solar manufacturer that forefronts solar technology, recently unveiled the new “anti-dust” modules that are applicable for the commercial and industrial (C&I) market. The most expected Hi-MO X6 series Guardian Anti-dust feature can effectively tackle the annoying dirt accumulation on solar panels and will certainly bring revolutions in the solar segment.

Longi Himox6 Series Panels

Hi-MO X6 Product Family is an innovative evolution that demonstrates the commitment of Longi to improve global user experiences. The brand’s latest upgrade of its distributed products, Hi-MO X6 is the outcome of a detailed analysis of customer requirements and expectations. Longi dug deep into the market for the need for a perfect blend of innovation and quality and finally, it came with the right combo of style and efficiency, i.e. Hi-MO 6 modules incorporated with the latest advanced HPBC cell technology.

Notable features of the Himox6 Series

  • Based on high-efficiency HPBC cell technology
  • A frontal busbar-free design
  • Maximized use of incident light
  • Improved conversion efficiency
  • Optimized LCOE
  • Efficiency exceeds 25.8%
  • 6%-10% improved power generation capabilities

Illuminating the possibilities with diverse choices

  • Explorer
  • Scientist
  • Guardian
  • Artist

Among the above, the Hi-MO X6, Guardian empowers an intelligent solar future with its unique characteristics of Intelligent Optimizer Design, Anti-dust nature and anti-humidity and heat.

Revolutionary Anti-Dust Modules

The recent Guardian module technology from Longi featuring BC batteries, and integrated anti-dust accumulation design has carved a significant mark over the conventional PERC module technology.

Anti-Dust Modules

While addressing the global customer feedback, Longi came to know that the dust accumulation issue on solar panels is a serious concern. It can be understood from the Global Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022 taken by Longi. Over 80.13% of commercial and industrial (C&I) environments have been extremely impacted by solar panel dust concerns. This dust accumulation challenge along with other issues such as gentle roof slopes, major dust at high-emission enterprises, and poor cleaning schedules lead to a power loss of 23.39%. This drop in power has been observed under lab conditions of a dust height of 90mm.

To respond to this crucial challenge, Longi introduced the Hi-MO X6 Anti-dust solution that has enhanced functionality and improved efficiency in C&I segments. These modules are exclusively developed to cope with the dust accumulation on solar panels that impacts reduced solar panel efficiency.

How does it work?

The Longi “anti-dust” Guardian module has a specialized frame design that has a short edge flush with the glass. This enables easy and free flow of water which will clean away the dust.

Moreover, the new Ultra Black longi solar modules are fingerprint-proof, thus catering to an optimal choice for those areas with heavy traffic or high pollution levels. The modules also come with an anti-reflective coating that reduces the glare and hence ensures a better working environment for staff and offers enhanced visibility for drivers in traffic.

To put it simply, designed with the intention to let water effortlessly flow, these modules avoid the scenarios of dust build-up and thus give peak performance. Still, the modules have traditional framing on their longer sides. Hence they should be mounted on a vertical axis, instead of horizontal mounting.

Highlights of the Longi "anti-dust" module – Guardian

  • Maximum power output of 590 W
  • undergone more than 1,000 reliability tests
  • 500 days of on-site verification is carried out to ensure performance and durability
  • Combines the best of reduced maintenance needs and lower risk damage
  • Effectively addresses the constant dirt accumulation issue
  • The new frame design and assembly lessens the cleaning frequency
  • low-light performance is improved
  • Easy to install with the bolt holes and flexible clamping zones
  • HPBC Back contact cells assure excellent efficiency of 22.5%
  • Straight-line cell connectivity for superior reliability
  • Offered with a 30-year linear power output warranty

Besides the performance benefits, these anti-dust modules also offer environmental advantages. Since the cleaning frequency is reduced, you can reduce the use of detergents and water, thus mitigating the environmental effects of solar energy generation.

Overall, the anti-dust longi solar module is a major development in the solar industry. This is a significant step towards confronting the huge challenge in the solar panel set-up. This latest product announcement from Longi once again proves that the company is committed to innovation and sustainability, the major forces to success.

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