Trina Solar’s most awaited Vertex S Series

Trina Solar’s most awaited Vertex S Series

With specialization in the segment of manufacturing of crystalline silicon solar modules, since 1997, Trina Solar has come with the latest PV module based on Vertex Platform – Vertex S series. Thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and the advanced design of the series, Vertex S is highly capable of meeting extreme standards, both in appearance design and product function.

For interested solar installers on higher capacity panels, but facing space constraints, Powernsun as the leading Trina solar panels suppliers bring you the best featured high power density Vertex S modules.

“Oscar of Design” for Vertex S ultra-high-performance rooftop modules

The smart energy total solution provider recently announced that its Vertex S series has won the ‘Red Dot Design Award’. The series has been selected out of almost 10,000 entries participated from over 60 countries. Powernsun is brimmed with pleasure that our partner Trina is the first PV module manufacturer to achieve the honor of obtaining this international industrial design award, which is referred to as the “Oscar” of the design world.

The concept of innovative design and exceptional user experience made it possible for the series to gain the highest international award for product design.

Universal Solution at Your Reach – Best for Residential & C&I Rooftops

The new Vertex S module from Trina embraces the latest technology and the modules are perfectly designed to make it capable of balancing all the module efficiency aspects. Since the series are highly compatible with all the major mounting systems, optimizers, and inverters, they are very ideal for any solar installation.

PNS is so happy in offering its prestigious clients the most flexible and diverse installation solutions from the top brand Trina. Thus we ensure true to our stand as the renowned Trina solar panels dealers in Dubai.

Exploring The Notable Features Of Red Dot Product Design Award 2022 Winner

The beauty of modern craftsmanship

Apart from innovative and design-aspired aesthetics, Trina solar Vertex S series modules possess outstanding product performance. All of the varied architectural styles and application scenarios can be fulfilled well since the series is offered with numerous design options. This includes an all-black appearance as well.

Black has been chosen as the dominant color for the all-black module. These modules have a fine visual appeal with outstanding aesthetic effects.

Small in size, yet, Big in Performance

 Vertex 210mm products of Trina have been upgraded through 210mm rectangular wafer (G12R) cell technology. These upgraded products are available in the range of 415-435 W. This upgrading aspect of the series leads to the increased power of up to 30 W per module, making it possible to obtain a maximum module efficiency of 21.8%.

Excellent ROI

The electrical design of the Vertex S series empowers it to cater to a flexible system layout optimal for any rooftop applications. Thus they stand on top in terms of improved efficiency and reduced overall cost.

This innovative Vertex series increases the installation capacity by 5-7% on residential rooftops. The higher power generation of the modules fulfills the demands of higher needs for everyday households and energy requirements from electrical vehicles.

High reliability is assured from your favored Trina solar panels suppliers in Dubai

The innovative non-destructive cutting technology of the modules makes sure to accomplish minimized micro-cracks. Assured PID resistance via module material control and cell process.

A great bundle of a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year warranty for the lowest degradation can be availed from your authorized Trina solar panels suppliers.

Mechanical performance up to

  • 6,000 Pa positive load
  • 4,000 Pa negative load

Benefits of Trina Vertex Series

How far are the benefits you are going to get for your Trina solar panel price? We have listed a few.

  • Higher and more substantial customer value compared with other similar products in the market
  • Fits more on a roof space than conventional smaller-cell modules
  • Improved rooftop power potential
  • Faster and easier installation
  • High-performance, and affordable modules
  • Lowers the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE), making you just seek Trina solar for sale and get them for you.
  • Greener products focused on sustainable waste management
  • Multi-busbar technology ensures a better light-trapping effect
  • Improved reliability

Trina Vertex efficiency

There is great information for the installers in the Trina Vertex datasheet. With modules that deliver up to 425W output power, you can obtain a maximum efficiency of 21.8%.

When compared with other conventional residential modules available in the market, the Vertex S series features high efficiency but is small in size and lightweight. This series combines a multi-busbar design, and 210 mm wafers. In addition, they embrace non-destructive cutting & high-density packing.  So, it is certain that the output power is more and is 17% compared with prior product generations.

Powernsun As The Leading Trina Solar Panels Suppliers

Powernsun accelerates the vision of adopting solar energy systems with its established partners for solar products. With rich expertise in the industry, we ensure to serve as the best platform when you search ‘Trina solar Distributors near me’. Have a glance at the diverse offerings of the latest Vertex S series from our portfolio.

Technical Specifications

Vertex S 415 W

  • Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) – 41.7
  • Maximum Power-PMAX (Wp) – 312
  • Module Efficiency – 20.8%
  • Operational Temperature – -40~+85oC
  • Power Tolerance (Positive) – + 1 %

Vertex S 420 W

  • Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) – 42.0
  • Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A) – 10.01
  • Module efficiency – 21.0%
  • of cells – 144 cells

Trina 425W Solar panels

  • Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) – 42.2
  • Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) – 39.5
  • Module efficiency – 21.3%
  • Maximum System Voltage – 1500V DC

Vertex S 430 W

  • Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) – 42.3
  • Open Circuit Voltage-VOC (V) – 50.3
  • Module efficiency – 21.5%
  • Power Tolerance (Positive) – + 1 %

Vertex S 435 W

  • Maximum Power Voltage-VMPP (V) – 42.5
  • Maximum Power Current-IMPP (A) – 10.24
  • Module efficiency – 21.8%
  • Module Dimensional values – 1762×1134×30 mm
  • Weight – 21.8 kg

Referred to as the universal solutions for the applications of segments residential and commercial, the Trina Vertex S series boasts ultra-high performance and high reliability. If you are looking for the latest technology modules, buy the Vertex series from the trusted Trina solar panels supplier – Powernsun.

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