Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter

Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter

Make Your Normal Inverter into Solar Inverter with Lowest Investment

Many people who are using a normal inverter and battery for a protracted time but thanks to high prices of electricity bills, or frequent power outages if you wish to upgrade yourself towards solar energy, to save lots of more electricity bills, getting power 24×7 or make the environment clean from pollution. This is often the simplest time to travel for Solar as Price of solar panels has reduced drastically in previous few years, therefore, it’s become affordable for ordinary people with low income.

Why must we always buy a Solar Charge Controller?

There are two reasons behind to shop for solar charge controllers, such as 

  • If you’ve got an already normal inverter, then the solar charge controller converts the normal inverter into a solar inverter.
  • If you’re living in a location where electricity isn’t available, otherwise you face charging mobile phones, or if you wish to run DC bulbs or ceiling fans.

So, if you’re a daily user and you recognize the way to use an inverter and battery, then it’s easier for you to attach a normal inverter to a solar inverter. As you wish two more components to run solar.

Solar Charge Controller

Solar Panel

What are the Machineries required to run upgraded solar inverters?

  • Solar Panels: It engages spark of sunlight from the sun and converts it into electricity using semiconductor.
  • Solar Charge Controller: it’s the foremost important component of the scheme, so let’s discuss why we should buy solar charge controllers. 

  Benefits of Solar Charge Controllers:

  • It controls charging current and is required to battery to avoid overcharging.
  • It helps to extend lifetime of battery
  • It also prevents reverse current coming to solar panels from the grid.
  • It is used for safety of electrical device and battery

 Types of Solar Charge Controllers:

  • PWM Charge Controller (Pulse width Modulating)
  • MPPT Charge Controller (Maximum wall plug Tracking)

Convert Your Existing Inverter into Solar Inverter

Numerous people think that why should they convert their existing inverter into solar inverter? allow us to tell you that there are a variety of advantages of converting an existing inverter into a solar inverter. solar power could be a cheap and clean source of illumination and electricity compared to grid electricity. solar power is generated by a system within the variety of DC electricity. In a system, a solar battery is employed to soak up the daylight and a solar inverter is employed to control the passing voltage.

We cannot use a normal inverter rather than a solar inverter in an exceedingly system. A solar inverter has an inbuilt function that converts DC power into AC power. While a standard inverter isn’t ready to convert DC power into AC power. This power conversion is very important because mostly in our homes we cannot serve DC power on to run our electrical appliances. Therefore, in an exceedingly large system only a solar inverter is required.

Assistances of Converting an Existing Inverter into Solar Inverter

There are a variety of advantages that you just get after converting your existing inverter into a solar inverter. Let’s have a glance over these benefits in brief.

  • Helpful in reducing high electricity bills.
  • No must purchase a solar inverter separately for a system.
  • Solar inverter blocks the reverse current due to the solar array.
  • Best solar to come up with electricity at your own place.
  • A solar inverter makes sure the safety of solar array and solar array still.
  • Less expensive than purchasing a brand-new solar inverter.
  • A solar inverter helps to extend the lifetime of a solar array and it also prevents the battery from overcharging.
  • Optimum use of an old existing inverter.
  • No necessity of critical wiring, just add a solar conversion kit and your existing inverter will become a solar inverter.

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