SMA TS4-R-O Module Technology DC Optimizer


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TS4-O is one of 5 functional covers that pairs with an integrated modular junction box base (TS4-B), a single retrofit/add-on base (TS4-R-O), or a dual retrofit/add-on base (TS4-R-O-Duo).

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SMA TS4-R Module-Technology DC Optimizer With this innovative module technology from SMA, for the first time a system’s individual PV modules can be strategically optimized, easily and cost-effectively.



Rated DC Input Power 475 W
Maximum input voltage @ Lowest Temperature 90 V
Maximum Short Circuit Current (Isc) 12 A
Maximum Voc @ STC 75 V
Minmum Vmp @ STC 16 V


Output Voltage Range 0 - 475 W
Output Power Range 0 - Voc
Impedence matching Capability - Yes
Output Voltage Limit - No
Maximum System Voltage 1500 V

• Increased energy yield
• Greater design flexibility
• Shade and age tolerance
• Maximized roof usage