Solar panel support in UAE

Solar panel support in UAE

Solar Panel Support in UAE

When we discuss solar power, we expect pricing of the scheme, and so after the Support scheme of solar panels. Let’s today we all know about the government solar Support scheme & procedure of every state of UAE. Once I started writing this information, I discussed it with many solar industry experts and researched it. I used to be unable to seek out the subsequent information:

To save and resources for the long run generation, the UAE government has started an electricity saving project called Solar Rooftop powerhouse. We all know most are not adopting solar power within the residential/commercial sector and its obvious reason is dear. Therefore, the Centre government understood this problem and launched MNRE solar Support scheme of 40 you find yourself to three KW Plus 20% for Remaining above 3 KW up to 10 kW for the Domestic sector. 

  • How am I able to get Support on solar?
  • Where am I able to apply for solar Support?
  • Who is the right person for this scheme?
  • How much am I able to get Support amount?
  • How much does the solar Support amount of the system in each state?

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What is the meaning of Solar Support?

We know that solar power is free & clean energy and it reduces the dependency of natural resources, like Water and Coal. Government wants to put in alternative energy in each house through which each home’s roof will produce self-energy. Government supports financially putting in solar energy in residential homes.

Support Benefits

There are three parties involved within the process: 1. Customers, 2. Channel Partners, and 3. DISCOMS.

Customer Benefits

The Support is barely available on Residential Homes (Individual Homes & Big Apartments), not commercial and industrial sectors. Solar Support is merely available on the Grid Connected system (Without Battery System). As installing a system may be a huge investment, the financial assistance motivates people to take a position and takes some burden off their shoulders.

Homeowners can only install a system and claim Support through the state DISCOM. they’re going to share customer details and register the closest channel partner. you’ll be able to find all states DISCOMS from here. 

If you put in a system though Support scheme, the solar installation company will provide 5 years of performance warranty, then after you’re self-liable for your scheme. This Support isn’t available for commercial and industrial customers because they’ll avail other benefits like accelerated depreciation, tax holidays, excise duty exemptions. 

Channel Partner Benefits

Channel Partners have the benefit of a bigger customer base and more business. It’s difficult for a typical person to work out the processes of getting the Support though he greatly desires it. it’s now that the channel partner comes into the image. He tries to figure with the customer and also the government departments and expedite the method of getting a Support for the customer.

DISCOMS Benefits

Power consumption demands are reduced in residential sectors and that they can give more in commercial areas. We all know that Commercial areas need more electricity than residential.

The customer is happy as he got his aid, the channel partner is happy as he got a replacement customer and also the government is happy too because it is one step closer to its solar target installation.

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