Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Yet Another Innovation In Solar Energy


When the world is still awestruck about the fact that sunlight can be harnessed to produce electricity, solar enthusiasts come up with new innovative technologies every now and then. BIPV helps achieving the goal of increasing Zero Energy buildings. BIPV is the technology in which the solar components become a part of the building’s construction. This reduces the cost of the building materials. The Solar PV components replace the conventional building materials, thereby no extra space is required to install the Solar PV System.

Applications of BIPV

BIPV can be made any part of the building. BIPV can be implemented in Façade, Rooftops or Glazing. This avoids the usage of extra space for installation of Solar PV system. While installing a BIPV system, the following factors must be taken into consideration,

  • Environmental Factors
  • Structural Factors

Environmental considerations

There are various environmental factors, that should be considered in implementing BIPV. They are

  • Solar Irradiance at the location
  • Weather Conditions of the Location
  • Shading near the building
  • Latitude of the location

Structural considerations

Besides the environmental factors, structural factors also should be taken into consideration before installing BIPV in a building. They are

  • Building Energy requirements
  • Solar System Design

BIPV offers a wide range of choices to select from. Two major choices are transparent and translucent materials. Transparent solar panels are made with tin oxide coating on the inner surface of the glass panes to conduct the current. The cell contains titanium oxide that is coated with a photoelectric dye. The materials can be selected based on the type of appearance the user prefers.

Integrating PV into the building construction can be advantageous in various ways, including but limited to saving the expenses for building materials, reduce the usage of space for PV systems installation and so on. It is up-to us to exploit the technology to achieve a greener world.

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