Why are solar panels a good investment

why are solar panels a good investment

Why are solar panels a good investment

Most regions across the world are in the midst of facing the challenges of skyrocketing electricity prices and inflation. This makes solar panel investment a popular choice among people more than ever.

Do you know? UAE was the first country in the Middle East and North Africa region that entered into the commitment to offsetting all its domestic carbon emissions by 2050. Along with its other initiatives for net zero, the UAE also plans to fasten renewable energy development with a considerable investment of $160 billion.

Thankfully, programs from the nation also support the installers of solar to get their feet deep into the solar space. If you are interested in knowing the biggest benefits of investing in solar panels, we can help you.

Should you invest in solar panels?

Without any doubt, investing in solar panels is a sound investment. Apart from the major advantage of making you greater independence from traditional energy sources, it comes with plenty of benefits. Solar panel investment has grasped the attention of most residential owners and businesses. This is because; the pandemic period has highlighted to us the significance of sustainable growth.

Yes, it is true that there is great reliance on hydrocarbon fuels, for domestic and export requirements. Still, the Middle East region stands as a symbol of hope when it comes to reaping the best of the renewable energy world.

Solar Panels Are Worth The Investment – Find The Top Reasons Here

Reduces the energy expenditures

Compared with conventional electricity generation resources, producing energy through solar panels is relatively cheap. Moreover, the high demand for energy has led to surges in its prices. Investment in solar panels makes sure that the installer will not be overwhelmed by the burden of high costs payable to electricity.

Get paid for the excess energy generated

Introduced in the emirate in 2015, comes under the Shams Dubai net metering scheme, owners of solar systems can obtain their electricity credits for the extra energy generated on the grid at retail prices.
Based on this program launched by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), any excess electricity generated by the solar plant can be stored as credits. Later this will be used to compensate for the electricity consumption in future bills.

Increased property value

Research and studies say that solar power systems add value to a property. Buyers choose homes or properties that have installed solar panels on them. This is because; these solar modules can alleviate the burden of huge electricity bills.
Since investing in solar panels is becoming more and more popular across the UAE, it is anticipated that the value of properties with solar panels will become more significant.

Maintains power supply during outages

Is the grid down? You don’t have to worry about the power supply if you have installed solar panels. When you face power outages, the solar panels continue to supply the power to your desired appliances. As the solar system is equipped with a battery backup system, energy can be stored for later use.
If you have solar panels and generate power from them, you will have your own energy source. So, irrespective of what happens to the grid, you can rest assured as you will be supplied from the solar system.

Future proof your home/business

By investing in solar, you obtain high energy independence from traditional grid supply. Renewable energy resources are reliable as well as they are sustainable sources. Switching to solar can completely meet your energy requirements with the capability to generate your own energy.
Once installed, solar panels can give you back a significant ROI of clean energy for 25-40 years. Investing in solar panels indicates that, homeowners and business owners, will be ahead of the curve that their green credentials future-proof their energy needs.

The Best Time To Invest In Solar Panels Is Now

It is very evident that going solar right away will help the investor to immediately reap the benefits. As seen from the above list of benefits, you can understand that investment in solar panels is really worth it. Since potential changes in climate and energy price hikes are bothering the nation, this is the best time to consider buying solar panels.

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