All You Should Know About Solis Inverters

All You Should Know About Solis Inverters

About the company

Commenced in 2005, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies is proudly positioned as the 3rd largest PV inverter manufacturer in the world.  Ginlong is among the largest and oldest manufacturers of solar inverters. To align with the emerging demands and rising changes in renewable energy, the company spends significantly on R & D. The company is well-known for solar and energy storage solutions that are suitable for diverse segments such as residential, commercial, and utility-scale.

Solis has technical after-sales service centres and global offices in regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Romania and many more. Solis demonstrates its global vision through product-centred engineering, emphasizing customers at the core of every critical decision, and holds a dominant role in the transition to clean energy.

Rich Legacy In Manufacturing

The immense expertise of the company in machine and electrical product manufacturing revolves around 20+ years. Ginlong is quite known for its deepened capability in the latest manufacturing technologies which include Wave Soldering (WS), Surface Mount Technology (SMT), and applicable quality management systems.

Ginlong Solis inverters undergo comprehensive testing to meet the regional needs of the countries. Customer service is always at the heart of the company and it contributes to the success of the company.

Seeking reliability? Your search ends with Solis Inverters

Solis Mini Series Inverters - Various Offerings




  • Can obtain maximum efficiency of up to 97.3%
  • String current up to 14A
  • Precise MPPT algorithm
  • Compact and lightweight nature
  • Integrated Export Power Manager (EPM)
  • Super high-frequency switching technology
  • AFCI protection to mitigate fire risk
  • Friendly & adaptable grid connectivity

Solis Single Phase Inverters - Diverse Ranges

Solis 2.5-10kW Single-Phase Grid-Tied Inverter

Key Features:

  • Can achieve maximum efficiency of up to 97.7%
  • String current up to 14A
  • Low startup voltage & Wide voltage range
  • Super high-frequency switching technology
  • AFCI protection
  • 2 MPPT design (precise MPPT algorithm)
  • Zero export power control function

Solis Three-Phase Inverters - Ranges

soils inverters

5-60kW Low Voltage Three Phase Inverter


  • Able to achieve maximum efficiency of up to 98.7%
  • String current up to 16A
  • IP66 protection
  • Automatic voltage stabilization technology
  • Supports export power control, RS485, WiFi, and GPRS
  • Remote upgrade and control
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Supports high-power modules, resulting in lower installation costs.

Solis Hybrid Solar Inverter Range

S6-EH1P3K- 10KW three phase on Grid Energy Storage Inverter


  • Highly independent, indicating its ability to operate out of the power grid
  • Globally leading branded components assure higher efficiency
  • Multiple protection functions
  • Intelligent EMS function
  • Off-grid backup function

Unique characteristics of Solis Inverters

High Efficiency

Solis solar inverters are highly recognized for their impressive efficiency ratings. Certain models are found to achieve up to 99% efficiency. This indicates your solar system will get optimal solar energy generation and can enjoy increased savings.


Offered under the Solis brand, solar inverter product lineups from the brand embrace innovative string technology. Thus they are proven to give first-class reliability, and the products are tested under the most stringent international certifications.


Solis inverters are checked under strong quality checks, ensuring a seamless post-installation experience. The premium Tier 1 products from the brand ensure that they are more long-lasting than others.

Innovative Solis Data Logging stick

This smart gadget of the product allows monitoring of the solar inverter’s performance remotely. It gives valuable insights into crucial aspects such as daily power generation, operating status, error messages and more. Thus you can be on top of the status of the system and be equipped with information at your fingertips regarding the health and performance of the inverter.

Smart monitoring

Wi-fi and monitoring app functionality enables you to effectively track the performance of the solar system. The advanced monitoring system integrated with the device ensures smart monitoring features.


The range of Solis inverters, including single, three-phase and hybrid inverters are designed to deliver excellent performance under extreme weather conditions such as humid, moist, and freezing temperatures.

Diverse product offerings

Solis inverters are available in a broad range that includes single-phase inverters for residential applications, three-phase inverters for commercial purposes and advanced prototypic hybrid PV inverters. Based on your requirements and budget, you can make a wise choice.

What makes SOLIS Inverters a top choice?

  • Based on the model, can obtain 97.5% – 98.3% maximum efficiency
  • Compact and lightweight, making it easy for single-person installation
  • Dual MPPT design and accurate MPPT algorithm.
  • RS 485, Wi-Fi/GPRS (optional) interface.
  • Various protection functions
  • Very low failure rate.
  • Ultra wide input voltage range.
  • Backed by a standard 5-year warranty. It also comes with an option of purchasing an additional five years, so, a total of 10-year warranty
  • Engineered for long and reliable performance. 

With the solar market continuing to rise, there is significant demand for highly efficient and reliable inverters. Solis Inverters are the best choices for residential and commercial purposes and are the most economical inverters, saving you a lot of money.

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