Solar mounting structure

Solar mounting structure

Significance of selecting the right solar structure

As we all know that solar energy is the most reliable and renewable energy available from the natural resource sun. Today the world is rushing towards making the technology widespread especially with the need to find an alternative source to the surging electricity rates. Furthermore, as most started to focus on environmental wellness, considerable solar energy which has minimal carbon footprint, makes the environment a better and healthier place to live in.

Solar structures are the critical solar power plant elements that support the solar panels on the rooftops or on the ground. They make sure that the solar system has sufficient structural stability. When you are on the market for a solar panel which constitutes various types of solar structure manufacturers, picking up the right one with top quality is highly important and often it seems as a challenge too.

While investing and installing in solar mounting systems, you don’t just stop your thinking about the sun, but you should take considerations of other natural forces like storms, heavy rain, earthquakes etc. These can have a greater impact or influence with your solar PV system and could affect the endurance of the solar panels, which indeed have to exist for over 25 years or more.

Types of solar rooftops

  • Monocrystalline – Here the cells are extracted from a single large crystal of silicon. These types of panels are usually expensive and space efficient.
  • Polycrystalline – They are made up of many small silicon crystals. They are less expensive and slightly low in heat tolerance.
  • Amorphous – it is a kind of a thin small solar cell. These are made up of several layers of photovoltaic material.  

Selecting the right structures for your solar panel

Although it typically accounts for about 20% of the entire cost, solar panel mounting structures installation is one of the crucial steps towards the solar panel installation since if the mountings fail it may collapse the entire system. These totally lead to the failure of your solar system installation.

The solar structure systems or Photovoltaic mounting systems are the one that are used to fix the solar panels on the surfaces on roofs or on the ground. As these mounting systems largely empower the fitting of solar panels on roofs, it is an integral part of every solar system.

Every Solar system will differ in their mounting and racking structure requirements. This is because, according to the application and the environment where they have been installed matters to their size, dimensions and specifications. Hence the manufacturers offer multiple configuration solar structures to accommodate these solar systems for best fitting and installing the systems in the allotted space with great endurance. Each solar structure has its own pros and cons. You should consult with an expert from the dealers like Powernsun to make the optimal decision for selecting the right solar structure or solar module racking. 

A good solar structure can significantly reduce structure weight per MW, and hence the right type should be considered for proper design criteria and safety margins.

Solar sytem mounting structure – PowernSun

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