Be Part Of The Solar Energy World With Power N Sun

Be Part Of The Solar Energy World With Power N Sun

Power n Sun, as a prominent supplier of solar panels in UAE, is delivering a range of solar solutions across the globe. We provide the best and most reliable solutions in the industry through leading global partners.

Our brands

Power n Sun has partnered with some of the top brands for solar panels and products. Thus we help in making the world a solar energy-powered one. In fact, we have helped many happy clients on the way to realizing their goal of solar energy production. If you look for affordable solar panel prices in UAE, we are happy to help you.

Longi Solar

Power n Sun has its extreme pleasure to partner with LONGi Solar, a leading manufacturer in the world for high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar modules. The company is owned by LONGi. It has had a strong focus on monocrystalline solar panels for nearly 19 years. Due to this, it has become the largest supplier of reliable mono-crystalline products all over the world.

LONGi offers unique PERC cell technology panels. Such panels are capable of improving the performance and efficiency rate of solar cells. As a result, 6% to 12% additional energy generation compared to traditional models.

  1. Longi Mono Perc 540W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module -LR5-72HPH-540M

If you are ready for a solar-powered bright world, then you should invest in a quality solar panel in UAE. Here it becomes important that you should know about a unique technology. PERC is an innovation that blends the best of Mono and Poly cells. Since with PERC cells, the front surface absorbs sunlight and the rear surface absorbs reflected light, you get higher energy production. 


  • Positive tolerance assures for high module conversion efficiency of 21.1%
  • Dimensions – Length – 2256mm, Width – 1133mm, and Depth  – 35mm
  •  Weight 27.2kg
  • Reduced resistive loss
  • Higher energy production 
  • Reduced hot spot risk
  • Solid PID solar panel in UAE
  1. Longi Mono Perc 545W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module -LR5-72HPH-545M

Thinking about investing in solar energy? Here is the best choice of modules of Monocrystalline Longi solar panel of 545 Wp 144 split cells. One of the major advantages of this panel is PERC technology (Passive Emitter Rear Cell) which gives you a high efficiency of up to 21.3%.

Description and benefits

  • High-efficiency low LID mono PERC panels with half-cut technology
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance
  • Panel dimensions – Length –  2256 mm, Width  – 1133mm and Depth – 35mm
  • Weight 27.2kg
  • Solid PID resistance 
  • Higher energy production with lower operating temperature
  • Moreover, this solar panel price in UAE is a smart investment.
  1. Longi Mono Perc 535W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module -LR5-72HPH-535M

Longi solar panels are a great choice for achieving better LCOE (Levelized Cost of electricity) solutions. In addition, you get the peace of mind of buying from the world’s leading manufacturer for mono-crystalline solar modules. Moreover, your purchase of this Mono Perc 535W Mono-Crystalline Solar Module gives you excellent benefits of a 10-year product warranty along with a 25-year linear power warranty.

Additional information

  • Panel dimensional values – 2256 mm, Width – 1133 mm, and Depth – 35mm 
  • Weight 32.3 kg
  • An ideal choice of solar panel in UAE for off-grid as well as grid-connected photovoltaic solar energy installations.
  • Makes an optimal selection for self-consumption. Moreover, it is a good pick for industrial solar installations.
  • High quality and resistant modules
  •  Made up of polycrystalline silicon having an anodized aluminum frame.

JA solar

Are you looking for panels from top solar companies in the world? Then, undoubtedly JA solar will be in the list. JA Solar Holdings is a leading manufacturer in the world for high-performance solar power products. They deal with products that are widely useful for utility-scale power generation, residential and commercial applications also.

Founded in May 2005, the company was publicly listed on the NASDAQ in February 2007. The brand is well-known for providing solar panel in UAE that have unparalleled conversion efficiency, reliability, and yield efficiency. Due to these aspects, it is possible for customers to maximize their returns.

  1. JA Solar 540W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM72S30-540/MR

Here is the latest arrival of JA Solar’s 72 Cell range to power up your energy projects. This module’s 11Bus-bar half-cell configuration allows reaping an incredible power range of up to 550Wp. Are you looking for better temperature-dependent performance from your solar panel price in UAE? Certainly, this JAM72S30-540/MR makes a great choice. Likewise, it is a good selection for improved tolerance for mechanical loading.

Know more here:

  • Module equipped with QC4.10 connectors.
  • 12-year product warranty
  •  25-year linear power output
  • Higher power output
  • Lower resistive losses
  • Lower LCOE
  • Less shading
  1. JA Solar 535W MBB Half-cell Module -JAM72S30-535/MR

JA Solar’s 72 Cell range gives the latest range of products for your energy needs. It is JAM72S30-535/MR. Comes with a rating of 535W along with an Efficiency: of 20.7%, this solar panel in Dubai, UAE surely can meet your energy demands.

The 11 Bus-bar half-cell configuration of the module is useful in getting an unbelievable power of 535Wp. Your purchase of this solar panel gives you a superior warranty of 12 years product warranty. Also, you can get a 25 years linear output warranty.

Comprehensive features

  • Higher power output
  • Lower LCOE
  • Less shading and lower resistive loss
  • Improved mechanical tolerance
  • Positive power tolerance: 0-+5W
  1. JA Solar 535W MBB Bifacial Half-cell Module – JAM72D30 535/MB

Half-Cell modules of this series from JA solar come with the potential of fulfilling the highest quality standards. As a result of this, the performance of the solar panel in the Dubai, UAE is further improved. In addition, it is appreciated for its better temperature coefficients. Hence you can expect these Half-Cell modules to generate better energy in hot environments.

Quick details

  • Assembled with multi-bus bar PERC cells, this JAM72D30 535/MB half-cell configuration gives a higher power output
  • No. of cells – 144
  • Better temperature-dependent performance
  • Higher power output
  • Ability to convert the incident light from the rear side along with the front side. As a result, high power output.

REC Solar Panel

A brighter way to the natural energy world is adapting solar energy through quality solar panels in UAE. If you like to make smart renewable energy decisions, then choosing a global manufacturer is the right choice. REC Group produces integrated solar energy solutions. In addition, the company stands as the largest producer of polysilicon and wafers for solar uses in the world.

With main offices situated in California and Hawaii, its headquarters is in Norway. Due to its technological innovations high efficiency & durable solar panels, the company leads the industry. Moreover, it is also considered an international pioneer in the solar energy sector.

  1. REC Alpha72 445Wp Module – REC445AA72

How about being empowered with the most advantage of solar energy? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then this is the series for you. From renowned and reliable REC – REC Alpha is the cost-effective solution for your needs. It is a revolutionary panel, yet comes to you with affordable solar panel prices in UAE. Whether you need high-efficiency power generation or power or strength, all your demands are answered here.

Features of REC Alpha Series 

  • The highest power 72 cell solar panel in the world
  • Can take most of the sunlight and convert it into electricity
  • Products from a strong, reliable, and experienced brand
  • Module efficiency 21.0%
  • A strong warranty – 20 years product warranty; And 25 years performance guarantee 
  • Dimensional values of this solar panel in UAE– Length- 2063mm, Width – 1026mm, Depth- 30mm
  • Weight: 23.5kg
  1. REC Twinpeak 2SM Perc HC 375Wp Module – REC375TP2SM 72

If you have been searching for a high-efficiency panel of monocrystalline cells, then here is a great pick for you. REC TwinPeak Series solar panels come with innovative designs. Furthermore, they help the buyers to get the maximum advantage of the installation space. 

Since it has industry-leading product quality and from a reliable brand, it serves as a perfect choice for all applications including utility and commercial rooftop. Indeed, it has a highlighted part in the REC’s portfolio.


  • Advanced technologies that have been packed into the REC TwinPeak gives more power output
  • Better performance in shaded conditions
  • Cost-efficient solar panel price in UAE
  • Standard comprehensive warranties deliver value-adding security to your investment
  • 20-year product warranty
  • 25-year linear power output warranty
  1. REC Alpha60 370Wp Module – REC370AA

The most powerful 60 cells solar panel in the world is with you to empower your energy projects. In addition, with an impressive Panel Efficiency of 20.6%, REC Alpha delivers high power. Thus it makes the ideal choice for those who seek the best solar panel in UAE.

These Alpha series from REC assure high-quality design. Furthermore, they strongly adhere to manufacturing standards. Hence they can give you high-performance solar modules. Also, you get the product with uncompromising quality. 

More information

  • REC means a secure investment
  •  High energy yield
  • Best power density with this 60-cell module
  • No LID. This means no power loss. So, ultimately you get the power for what you pay 
  • 20% more power compared to conventional panels

LG solar panel

Want to know how the leading brand LG can help you in lowering energy bills? Buy quality Solar panel in UAE from this top brand through Power n Sun. Of course, you seek a reliable and best brand when it comes to your solar investment. We understand that hence we deliver solar products from a leading brand LG that you can know and trust.

Being a part of LG Electronics, this global company with 50+ years of experience is intensifying its operations in the solar industrial arena. Its first solar energy source research program was embarked in 1985. The photovoltaic modules from LG are uniquely designed. Thus they offer field-tested performance, superior quality, durability, and reliability.

  1. LG MonoX plus 144 Half Cell 450Wp -LG450S2W-U6

Looking for an ideal partner for your commercial solar panel installation? This is the product for you. The Half-cut cell technology of this solar panel in UAE makes sure that you receive high efficiency and performance. The clean and aesthetically-pleasing roof design will certainly impress the buyers. 

Due to the lighter weight starting from 19.4kg, it is good for installation. The LG product warranty is longer compared to competitors.  It includes standard 10 and 12 years warranties.

Additional information

  • Enhanced performance warranty. Guaranteed at least 90.6% of initial performance even after 25 years.
  • 25-year limited product warranty
  • Due to low-temperature coefficient, performs great on hot days
  • High module efficiency. Hence cost-effective solar panel price in UAE. However, it doesn’t compromise efficiency.
  1. LG MonoX plus 144 Half Cell 445Wp – LG445S2W-U6

Here is an excellent choice of eco-friendly powering solutions from the LG brand. Like to save much on your electricity bills? Renewable source energy is the solution. And, the premium solar panel of LG’s Mono X® Plus can help you. It is an optimal choice for commercial installations. 

The Design improvements of this solar panel in UAE ensure durability. The less weight of panels makes sure your installation is easy. However, you don’t have to worry about its performance. It comes with Maximum Power of 455W.


  • High performance and efficiency.
  • Outstanding warranty for your purchase
  • 15-year product warranty
  • 25-year performance warranty
  • Durable and Light-weight
  • Due to great power generation, BOS saving
  1. LG NeON® 2 410Wp -L5Mono N-type 72 cell Solar Module – LG410N2W-L5

This is the panel of choice for the highest level of power density. Moreover, it stands as a great choice for residential and commercial solar projects. The new LG NeON® 2 72 cells solar module comes with many improvements. This includes longer warranties, higher efficiency to lower degradation, and great output efficiency.

If you look to have a cost-effective solar panel price in UAE for the most efficient use of space, you should go for this series. 


  • 15% more electricity per square meter compared with conventional panels
  • Enhanced High-Temperature Performance
  • 25 Years Product Warranty. This includes part and labor
  • Improved initial degradation of cells – from -3% to -2%
  • Best performing in quality tests.
  • Uncompromising standards for reliable quality
  • Increased Output with Multi Anti-reflective Coatings

Get what you need from the world’s leading brands for solar products. Power n Sun is here to bring the best options in Solar panel in UAE for your needs.

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