Do You Really Save Money With Solar

Do You Really Save Money With Solar

There are so many concerns going around protecting the environment. In addition, people have their high attention to shifting to renewable energy sources. While people are obsessed with the question ‘Is solar really helpful in saving money? The real answer is ‘Yes’. Installing and investing in solar systems can certainly save money. The constant rise in the cost of electricity apparently indicates that this is the optimal time to look for alternate sources. Here stands the solar that cut down energy bills significantly.

Global market outlook on solar energy

The solar power industry is witnessing increased demand in recent decades. More tax incentives are offered for the installers by the government. Also, there are attractive benefits of reduced electricity, and awareness of limiting the harmful effects of climate change. All these put a great focus on investing in solar energy.

Understanding the significant growth of renewable energy in the global market gives a valid reason to go solar and get benefitted from this natural and non-depletable source. Since 2018, across the world, solar capacity has doubled. With the representation of more than half of the 302 GW of renewable capacity that has been installed internationally in 2021, solar sustains as the fastest renewable energy in the global market.

Can solar energy truly help in saving your money?

Coming to the core question above, the answer is a big ‘YES’. Solar energy can drastically lessen the costs of your energy bills, especially in Sunny places. Moreover, moving to solar is one of the great ways that people can help in addressing climate change as well. Besides helping in reducing electricity bills, a solar installation can also enhance the value of your property.

Of course, everyone loves to save money. If you have the added benefit of contributing to a greener world along with the money, it will sound great. Solar energy is one such way. Solar panels are very helpful in earning you money. The longer you have the solar system installed, the better the money you probably save.

Ways Through Which Solar Can Save Money

Reduced electricity bills

The instant benefit of saving money through a solar system is a big dip in your energy bills. Studies have revealed that switching to solar can save up to 95% of the overall electricity bills. Electricity bill is one of the biggest expenses both homeowners and commercial sectors face. There has been an increased rate of the cost of electricity between 2.5% and 7% in recent decades. With solar energy, you can save a lot on your energy bills. Also, there are no more ups and downs in the bills, you can just maintain it constantly.

Net Metering

Do you know? One of the hottest topics when it comes to residential solar power is Net Metering. Through this system, the energy system owners can sell back the excess electricity produced from the system to the current utility grid. And, they can get credited for this. This means, apart from fulfilling your own energy needs, you can sell the excess energy and earn money.

For more information – How Shams Dubai Net Metering Program Works

Increased value of your home

Just similar to any other investment that you expect ROI, solar also gives the same. Compared with properties without solar installation, homes with solar installation possess good selling value. The property value typically seems to be increased by 3-4%.

How You Can Switch To Solar? – Solar Powered Devices For Saving Money

Install solar panels

One of the most rewarding things that you can save on energy price hikes is to install solar panels for your home, commercial or industrial purposes. Especially, if your place is sunny, it is really a good idea to install solar panels and produce your own energy.

Solar batteries

If you invest in a solar system with battery storage, you will have the capability of selling back to the grid. This helps in saving money.

Solar inverters

Inverters are essential elements in your solar system. It converts the DC energy of your solar panels into usable AC energy. There are different kinds of inverters that are perfectly designed to draw energy from a battery.

Solar UPS

Having solar UPS at your home gives instant protection from power cuts. This system stores the current within the batteries and delivers it to your desired electrical appliances for their uninterrupted functioning when needed.

Find The Solar Product That Fits Your Needs And Save Money

Solar can help you save money in various ways. Whether you are a homeowner or running a business or an industrialist, if you are thinking about solar energy savings, Powernsun can help you. Our list of products ranges from solar panels, inverters, solar cables, batteries, monitoring systems and more can easily make you switch to solar. If you are serious about moving to solar and saving considerable money, get in touch with us. Talk to our experts and get to know how our solar products can save you money.

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