On Grid Solar System

On Grid Solar System

On Grid Solar System  for your commercial and industrial requirement

Are you planning to install a solar energy system at your commercial or industrial requirement? Confused whether an on grid solar system is the right option for you? A commercial or industrial solar panel system can either be installed either as a stand-alone system or a grid-connected system. They are referred to as an on grid solar system or off-grid system. For making the perfect choice, you should understand the key things about it. 

What is On grid solar system?

Solar energy is radiated by the sun and is converted into electricity. Here the energy conversion ensures that the obtained energy from the sun is saved, renewable and the saved energy is used for daily use. So what does the role of an on grid solar system play at this point? An on grid solar system is a power system that converts the energy of the sun into electricity and provides uninterrupted power supply throughout the day, with the storing of energy.

The on grid denotes that the solar system is tied to the utility system of the company or dealer. This is used in commercial or industrial purposes since the need involves monitoring whether the solar system under produces or over produces the energy according to the various needs.

If the solar panels produce more than the required level of energy, then the excess energy is stored in the grid system and is allowed to build which will get encashed at the end of the year – the process here referred to as net metering.

Since the solar system is connected to the grid and is able to draw power from the grid, even if the energy is received from the sun for several days no battery storage is needed. Although storage batteries let you have consistent power from off-grid solar panels, they are expensive in cost.

The PowernSun Solar Kits supplies all the essential tools for installation of On-Grid Solar Panels ranging from 5KW and up to 50KW.

5kw on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

10kw on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

12.5KW on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

15KW on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

20KW on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

25KW on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

33KW on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

50KW on grid solar system & Click here for Data sheet

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 Benefits of on grid solar system

  • As mentioned in the previous point, you don’t have to invest in an expensive battery back-up system with an on grid solar system to store the excess energy. This is a 100% efficient battery in itself. 
  • You can enjoy the benefit of receiving credits from your grid provider for the unused energy that you have generated and the great point to be noted is you have the advantage of reduced electricity bills.
  • Installing on grid systems are reliable and easy-to-install systems having a lifespan of about 25 years. So, you can just make use of your rooftop and generate clean energy with the benefits of reduced power bills. Once it is synchronized with grid electricity, the on-grid solar system is used to transfer the surplus electricity back to the main grid.
  • On grid solar systems are cost-effective and simplest systems. They will pay for themselves by offsetting the bills in about 3-8 years.

With amazing benefits of net metering and open access, on-grid solar systems are a boom for the solar powered energy systems. However do a little research on the characteristics and advantages of an on grid system before you make the choice. Utilizing an on grid system for your renewable energy will not only benefit the individual but also offers great values to the environment and the community.

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