Solar Combined with CHP

Solar Combined with CHP

Solar energy now being declared officially as the cheapest source of power, Solar hybrid systems must be studied deeper for full utilization of the technology. The popular solar hybrid systems are,

  1. Off-Grid & Grid connected hybrid
  2. PV Diesel Hybrid
  3. Solar-Wind Hybrid

Solar Energy has the flexibility to be incorporated with various other forms of generation. One such new technology is Solar being used along with CHP generation. Solar with CHP is a boon to the areas with the requirement of Peak Load management. The CHP system will be sufficient to face the baseload, PV system might help in facing the peak-load issues.

As shown in the above diagram, the Solar PV can be coupled with CHP generation.  With such a system, any energy demand can be faced without any difficulty.

Advantages of Solar – CHP Systems

  • Notable savings in energy for large-volume energy users (up to 50%).
  • Reduce economic disruption from unseen utility rate hikes, with fixed, forecasted energy costs for the long-service lifetimes of these systems.
  • Avoid downtime due to utility grid outages. On-site power is stable and exceptionally reliable.
  • Environment friendly – reduced emissions

Such innovations and improvements in the Solar energy are helping the world in facing the increasing energy demand, without causing serious harm to the environment. These systems also help in achieving sustainability with ease.

Let’s hope that more such technologies will be developed in the future and the world will have a sustainable future.


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